Nichelle Tramble Spellman on the Writers Responsibility and Representation in Hollywood



Nichelle. Very nice to meet you. Thanks for making the time. Thank you so much. Maybe you could help us understand. What a show runner is to the people. Have a bit of an idea as to what it is that you do well. It's the person who's in charge of both the creative and the production. It's a big title for one person. You sit in writers rooms for years with different show runners and you sit there and you think yeah. I wouldn't do that that way. And then you get into that seat and you understand the reasons why some choices were made because it can be very overwhelming job. Usually as a writer. You're focused on the rioting focused on pending deadlines writing something that people respond to but now you're bombarded with questions about the construction of the sets casting the budget props you know whether this paint color looks good on the ceiling of this one room that they might not show on camera and i came home after the first week and i said to my husband. I didn't know that. So many questions existed in one day. So it's kind of like you're the general you're in charge of all the troops. Would it be fair to say the sort of the for that project. yes yes. So you're the series. Could truth be told if those you listening having watched it you should do. And it's about a journalist turned. Podcast played by incredible octavia spencer who revisits a murder case. And there's a medication that she covered as a young journalist. I just wanna ask octavia spencer. She everything that you'd hoped she'd be. She's amazing she's she's the best. She's the best actress and she's a wonderful human being. So i got so lucky with my first. Show that number one on the call. She is just a diamond and season to kate. Hudson joins us and she was perfection. So i just you know almost want to end the show. Because i don't want to risk it now. The character played by otavio. Spencer as podcast. Obviously that's relevant for us. As of this project you went out and raise the money. You pitched it to apple an apple board. So why podcasting. What's the unique power of this medium. A couple of things. This is based on a book called. Are you sleeping. And i went to a meeting with a producer who had worked with in the past as i was getting ready to leave. She said oh yeah. We got the spoken that hasn't been published yet. But i think there's something there do you wanna take a look at it and maybe read it over the holiday. This was maybe three christmases

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