A highlight from Juneteenth - Make it a Federal Holiday!


Everybody. Welcome back to. Let's get cynical. I am lizzie. Stewart and i am arden wallet hausky and i don't think we've said this yet but happy pride aid happy celebrating which should be every single that happy bride we are. We are now in june deeply in june. I don't really know where june has gone. She shipping tonight. Yeah this feels just like well. It's because if you are in new york and maybe on the east coast we've been having a lot of rain and like coolish days like we have. We've had a couple of hot summer days but really like not any consistent hot summer days which to me makes june not feel like june because you think junior thank god. It's hot yes but it's not yet like gets it isn't it isn't i. Don't know maybe that's why it doesn't feel like june. I don't i think who knows. Yes i part of it. And then i think for me. I've just been all over the place. And so i don't live in one place i don't. I have not been in a single place longer than a week for the last six weeks. It's a little crazy headaches. It's gonna keep going until basically mid-july and it's so it's so fun no complaints but it does. Can you go. What liguori was on a plane this morning. Here we are insane. You look great thank you. I did not shower. Glad i would you know why would you show. There's no purpose. There's no but weirdly enough. we're not talking about The weather Or anything like that but we are the our episode. Today has june in the name. And it's one of those topics that i feel like was never taught about in which is kind of most of the theme of our episodes yup never taught about in school. But it's like a real a really important holiday. That is coming up this week. So we are going to unpack and talk about juneteenth yeay and explore. I mean for me. It's like going to be the first real deep dive. I've ever been able to do on it so that's really exciting and it's just a really important thing man. It's exciting you know. It's an exciting. Celebratory holiday and i feel. Yeah we're going to talk about why it's not a yet the holiday but i do feel like it should be safe. Federal holiday and capital f. federal holiday. It is not but it should be. But i know that there's been like buzzes and whispers about making it. You know federal holiday. But nothing yet come to fruition. Yep i think it's time it is time time yet but before we jump into the meat to talk about today's harsher iron in star says. I'm seeing a lot of new faces which is exciting. Yes so this one. This was really fun. Because i mean researching the episodes. It's always fun for me. Because i learned a lot. But this one was like ultra fund for me. Because like i've never used oprah before and here we we we are. we've arrived. we have arrived. I there's nobody. I trust more than oprah so we're looking at sources fra or information from the national museum of african american history and culture. Love an article by jamila nasheed. Great article from teen vogue teen vogue gets it. They put out some excellent material. Shoutout really they really do some great work and like well researched work. I have to say an article from the website is called a. L. dot com really. It's alabama dot com. And it's like

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