Circuit Federal Appeals Court, Mark Williams And President Biden discussed on Sean Hannity


Beyond the call and and just was always there for for folks or by the Colorado mayor Mark Williams, telling Fox 31 in Denver officer. Beasley is the first officer killed by gunfire in the city's history. A good Samaritan was also shot and killed Monday afternoon before police killed the suspect. California's law banning assault weapons will stay on the books indefinitely. The ninth Circuit Federal appeals court has put on hold a lower court ruling overturning that ban while the state appeals that ruling Calling it dangerous. The city of ST Louis is suing over a new Missouri state law that would effectively order law enforcement in the show Me state's to ignore new federal gun laws Following his overseas trip, President Biden refocusing on his infrastructure spending plans, hoping to fill empty job openings as pandemic conditions improved. A dozen states have already said they're going to stop offering the $300 a week and enhanced unemployment benefits, and roughly two dozen more states may soon follow suit. White House officials say an infrastructure package as a big job Jobs creator and they want movement within weeks. And while the president's preference is a deal with Republicans, there are multiple Democrats working on Plan B's. What I think the president has done is given us a blueprint as to where we want to go. So Sanders is now trying to hold multiple on past Biden proposals into a $6 trillion mega package he hopes could be passed with Democrats. Only Fox is Peter Doocy, the president telling the national poor peoples and low wage workers Assembly by video on Monday. Our advocacy We're translating our shared prayers into policy. Building our economy from the bottom up in the

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