Will Steger's 1989 Route Across Antarctica in Gone

Climate Cast


Tell us why now for this film well. The two young filmmakers i worked with it was their idea actually when i met him about seven years ago. They wanted to do a film. I give them for all my archives and they join me two of my expeditions. We went to antarctica either. All i knew about the film was called after. Antarctica is for the first time last month. Will your team made this four thousand mile antarctic crossing nineteen eighty nine at the time. Did you have any idea that climate change would be evolving as the crisis of our time now back in nineteen ninety. I was very much aware of of climate change. I actually taught it my classes in the late sixties. But i never thought it would happen so quickly. It was twelve years after that in ninety nine nine hundred ninety when we finished it when the larsen ice shelf broke up in two thousand and two dow was my called action. And that's it was two thousand two that a realize this is very serious and nobody is really aware of. What's what's happening. And that's critical right because those larsen ice shelf. You actually cross those during your journey right. And then now they're gone. They're gone and it took us thirty days across Both larsen abmc and now they're mostly gone in a shelf that have crossed both in the polar areas in the arctic car. I have the cynic integrated and we've lost about sixty percent of the ice on the arctic ocean in the summer. So you know it's happening so quickly. Accelerating very fast right now.

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