A highlight from Anne Lamott and Neal Allen


You walk made we're with the home. What's happening weirdos. This is a long time dream guest of both mine and valerie. Valerie is co-hosting this episode. I'm so happy to say she's always with us on friday but vowel loves and lamont so much That she had to sit in and it turned out to be sort of a double date because this is an lamont and her partner. Neil we got. Neal promoting is neil allen promoting his book shapes of truth which is currently blowing. Both my and vows mind. it's incredible. We talked quite a bit about that in this An lamont anne. Her books have shaped our lives changed our lives help. Thanks well bird by bird Incredible if you don't know an lamont. I don't know i don't know what you're doing. I don't know what you're doing we. We met her at the ramdas retreats where she was giving wonderful talks and both anne and neil did not disappoint in this wonderful chat so check out shapes of truth specifically reporting that one because it drops today i think after you hear our conversation about it you're gonna want to check it out and i will tell you that it does not disappoint it is incredible This podcast is always supported by the pete's picks so if you like this always free show we really appreciate it if you try. One of the pizza pex. I'm so happy to introduce a new pick this week. Which is ned ned and company. Ned is a wellness brand rooted in the simple belief that we can all feel better and live better through simple means and a deeper connection to the natural world specifically they are a purveyor of great incredibly high quality. As you know i love. Cbd i thrive on it. I caught my happy juice and ned reached out. I was so excited to try theirs. And i'm blown away. They sent me a bunch. It's just the extract the compound cd mixed with a little bit of mcat oil. The taste is super clean. And as you know. I caught my happy juice. It just puts glow inside of me. It doesn't get you stoned. It doesn't get you high. You can work on it. You can focus on it. You can stay in your life on it. i don't. I'm not a big fan of marijuana. i like what. cbd does for me. It helps me relax in unnatural and subtle way. It's almost up perceptual. Especially if you take a little bit but the feeling is wonderful. It's a great way to unwind and relax at the end of the day or two years and settle into whatever your work. You're sitting down to do. There's just less resistance. i find. I'm speaking about me when i take that. Cbd it's a wonderful wonderful company. They are very transparent. They share their third party. Lab reports They t tell you where they farm there. Ham their hamp. They share their cold extraction process. They even Are very open about where the farm has grown in colorado. Which i think is huge number. Do they have incredible. Cbd products they also have a new incredible magnesium super blend called mellow. magnesium is one of those things. Most people are deficient in. And when i drank it. I got the naked flavor so pretty much covered both valid. I had a cup. We were both feeling a little bit stressed. And whatever is in magnesium whatever's in mellow balanced our bodies we felt more centered more grounded and just. I think i was deficient. I think i must've been it. Filled me with what my body was looking for. It turns out. Magnesium mellow supports over three hundred functions in the body. I love what it does with. Focus productivity and specifically relaxation I took it for the first time last week. And for the first time in what i can remember. I fell asleep that night in under five minutes. I couldn't believe it. I was actually. We were putting down. We had her in the bed. I lay down next her. And i just conked out. It was like eight o'clock val woke me up. I was very tired and we had to have our but that's how much it relaxed me. So we could all use a little bit a relaxation. We could all use a little bit of stress relief. We could all use a little bit of a mood elevator. Cbd has always been a secret weapon of mind. Nadan company is making an incredibly high quality. Cd that you can really know. So much about the process and melo is helping get that magnesium super into me that. I didn't even know i needed. But over as i said. Three hundred functions in the body are supported and enhanced by taking it. So i'm i'm in. I'm a full believer. I'm so happy to be partnering with net enco. So if you want to show your support of this podcast and give this a try because really the best way to

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