Aaron Taylor-Johnson Cast As Spider-Man Villain in Upcoming 'Kraven the Hunter' Movie

Double Toasted


Taylor. Johnson is doing a craven. The hunter movie really. I didn't know that that was he was doing that. And i must be a sony thing. That's too bad because craven the hunter would have been great for the last or the spiderman movie. that's coming out there when a net spiderman movie with the boy. Yeah yeah aaron taylor. Johnson cast as craven the hunter. All right. I think it'd be good. Good actor yeah. Air intelligence is a good actor. He can do. You can do an accident. I'm sure he that eastern european accent as quicksilver. Wow all right so this is gonna be. Let me ask the question. Is this going to be a standard sony. Movie like they're doing within them and moat moebius is that is that what that's going to be like craven movie. Now let me look. Let me look here craven. Because you know sony has the right to certain despite of male characters and i think craven might be one of them up a were that premium. The hunter movie. Aaron taylor johnson. Let me see what this is. Aaron taylor johnson the plea hate spider man villain criminal hunter in solo book. Yep okay there it is. Oh that's too bad man at is way too bad. 'cause cravings a awesome villain mandate that they had a great time to bring him in Well

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