Rick Gates being charged in Russia investigation


Check it out. So I told you before the break. I was going to get to this clip here. This is Rick Gates, who used to work on the Trump campaign as well. When he's on CNN. He confronts Jake tapper about this is well, this talking point that you have to be able to debunk immediate with your friends. And no. Maybe Trump didn't collude with the Russians. But Paul Manafort definitely did He dealt with this guy constantly, Kalinic. Except for the fact that constant clinic was an Obama administration source. So Gates it's Jake Tapper Jake tapper on it and says, Hey, you got any evidence about that? Check this out. It was very clear through State Department cables from the U. S embassy in Kiev that Constantine was also a high value asset of the United States government. He was providing information to the United States government. On a host of information that was coming of Ukraine as well as other countries that I'm not even aware of the Senate intelligence just to say that there was a Russian operative. That's according to the Senate, the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee that's not from the media. That's from the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee. That's correct. But where's the evidence? There's been no evidence to the contrary. And more importantly, why did they include the evidence that does exist, which is the State Department cables? U. S. State Department officials. Recording exactly what they did and didn't do with Mr Clinic. Yeah, That's kind of a good question, right? If Kalim nix this big time Russian spy Manafort was dealing with And why was he dealing with the Obama State Department? And why haven't we seen that information? Because the Obama State Department has all that. Why have we seen them? Because we live with a bunch of dishonest, You know, fools, and the media can't seem to get the story right

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