The Legend of Charles Hatfield: Rainmaker


Since ancient. Times wanted to understand the weather but without science they had to invent creative ways to explain it so the greeks told stories about a pantheon of gods who used whether for their own ends. The book of genesis gave us the story of noah and the catastrophic flood but by the time the industrial age was in full swing. People wanted to do more than explain the weather. They wanted to control it. After all by the nineteenth century powers that once seemed impossible. Even supernatural becoming commonplace humankind had harnessed electric light in glass bulbs. Couldn't someone figure out how to control the rain. The first man to vie for the title of scientific rainmaker was james pollard. Espy an american meteorologist. He believed that he could set these massive forest fires that would heat the air up and create enough condensation to make rain. Unfortunately for him and the forest he obliterated his theory didn't work. Throughout the rest of the nineteenth century other would be rainmakers had similar non results and pretty soon people began to suspect that the whole concept of weather modification was just wishful thinking until the early twentieth century. When a self taught weather aficionado enter the picture with a bit more optimism. His name is charles hatfield as a young man. Charles is working a day job as a sewing machine salesman when he comes across these stories about rainmakers like james pollard. Espy and he's like these guys are pedaling something valuable more than hope. They're selling life. Charles spent his youth working on his father's ranch in california so he understands the importance of rain. Water crops means a healthy harvest which means enough food to eat. If you could find a way to prevent droughts there might never be another famine. Sure every attempt at actually doing it has been a pretty big failure but maybe charles can crack the code and if he can he can definitely make a pretty penny off the deal. So charles learns everything he can about meteorology atmospheric pressure humidity wind patterns. It's not a formal education. But he feels like he really has a knack for it and when he's done with his books. Charles starts experimenting. He climbs a windmill tower near his father's ranch and starts messing around with some chemicals to create his secret formula. I'm not exactly sure what these experiments are or what goes into his miraculous rain potion. Charles never tells anyone his secrets. But i do know that by nineteen for a twenty nine year. Old charles is ready to go public with his new technology. He plays some ads in the local paper calling himself. A moisture accelerator. His work isn't magic. He stresses he says quote. I do not make rain. That would be an absurd claim. I simply attract clouds and they do the

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