Mapped CEO Wants to Simplify IoT Device Integrations

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During my time at cisco i very quickly realized that It was different from every other business. At cisco it was probably my third or fourth conversation After it come into the iot team where the customer looked at us and said have any of you actually been to oilrig. We sort of Looked around the room and nobody can say yes and so it led to lead the four years of really just visiting any customer could whether it was a manufacturing floor you know the roof of the building or the sub basement building going behind the scenes at an amusement park or you know into an oil refinery or out on an oil rig. I just wanted to feel the pain that the customer was going through and and really understand it. Firsthand and those sorts of of of discovery trips led to a repeated pattern that i kept seeing over again. You know i would get on on stage for various cisco events in say things like you know. Gartner predicts that there will be twenty five billion connected devices by twenty twenty five And then the next year it would drop to twenty two billion in the next to dropped a twenty billion and that mix of sort of the the numbers continuing to down into a right plus what. I was observing customers. Which was they would do a pilot in one of their environments and that pilot would take them a year to build and deploy and then they would go to move that pilot the next environment factory across the street or the refinery on the other side of the country and it turns out that all the work they had done for integration. All the work they had done to extract data out of those systems and bring it into the dashboards and the analytics they were trying to put together a had to be done again. It had to be done from scratch because that factory across the street or the refinery on the other side of the of the country had no sort of commonality with the systems that were in the first one where they built the pilot and again this was just a side effect of the various system. Integrators using whatever was the best set of tools at the time this pain of immigration plus the the the sort of droppings predictions of connected devices or iot devices. Them really got me thinking about what is the biggest problem that we have an iot or digitisation and the problem is that as we try to bring together all these devices in order to come up with transformative insights that complex relationships among the devices are aware that that transformative insect comes from and to do that. You have to deeply integrate with these systems. So if we can free up the industry from having to do all the integration manually and we can automate across the seas of of doing integration and sort of reverse engineering what humans had built in the first place. Then we can really start to open this industry at scale and allowed developers who may have never set foot on a factory or have never gone into a refinery to really start to build applications by just purely looking at data and starting to figure out ways to make sense of data rather than spending all their time on integration.

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