The Evolution of Beauty Identities

The Emma Guns Show


Back in the day it was like you had a functional beauty identity you cleanse toner and moisturizer or you were a luxury beauty identity which meant the probably were veering towards those. Maybe more premium price and dabbling an anti aging. And now as you say the beauty identity is there's a sustainable bt identity as a clean dt identity. There's a vegan beauty identity. Yes yes. there's definitely more identities there and there is more choice there and there's more brands there and there's more price points than than they ever used to be. I mean you know twenty thirty years ago. There was internet social media. Brands didn't even have the internet. So the only way customers discovered and this is customers that are now maybe in just in the fifties and the reason that they're confused is that they used to shop in either a chemist or a department store and all hotels spas just starting to open then and they would therefore always have someone to speak to ask a question all time to pick up a product and not that it could read in incubating then because they weren't on the men that you'd actually read information with them and then the only other place that they go information was magazines so it wasn't as confusing all of the information. Now all the information streams and all the retailing streams right the way down from your face. -tising social media's etc as you know as well and all of the brands of their own websites and she'd go tv and you've got all different retailers and then all the retailers they websites and the high straight. It's this so many different places you know and you've got party plan coming into your home etc which in all have their advantage which are talk about in the book. Is that all those different retail situations. Where is your communication point with the brand or the people that you want to shop with that you want to get your product from is i take it back to first of all. Let's decide what you need and look at your hair skin nails. Look at what you got home at the moment have you already got it. Can you use it differently. Could you a different technique with it could use that product in a different place. And then take you through to okay. Let's look the shopping list next. Maybe that shopping. This is only one or two products. Don't think it's

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