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Away once out of the field jalen ramsey. And what he's doing for the los angeles rams when you can just let that say hey step on like the best guy and we'll figure out how to get the other team to play at a very high level we'll figure out how to give blitzes and and schemes and pressure situated when we got a guy that can be a lot down corn on a number one wide receiver. And that's what he's been. Listen man this is huge for the new england patriots. I was just thinking about this. And i'm going to go a different direction but think about what the patriots did this all season from a defense standpoint. I know we like to talk about it but think about what they did. From a defense standpoint bring a duda and back van noy. They brought in jalen meals from philadelphia. You look at the things that they did. This is a super bowl contending. Defense stefan gilmore takes them over the top and we know how good bill belichick is in in taking away. The things you do this well guess what goes into taking the things away you do. Best having a guy like stefan gilmore. This is super interesting to me because number one number two guy. We don't have to talk about aaron rodgers during the segment. I will raise my hand. And say i'm one of those people who think stefan gilmore back kind of difference maker. We'll see what was happening. See if he shows up at camp today meanwhile what a weekend it was. Let

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