A highlight from Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast 6/10/21--Guest Al Ford


Be with here on this thursday of june the tenth the year of twenty twenty one and broadcasting from back home beautiful washington state. It is a perfect washington state early or late spring early summer day. It's like sixty six. It's cloudy it's not hot loving it loving it. I love being back home. I washington's the best. I'm going to retire here. That's my wife my plan some day someday looking forward to a little horse player thursday today. Al ford is going to join us Al the recent winner of the lonestar million bedding challenge and we'll talk about that tournament win. We'll talk about his a horse players. I mentioned earlier in the week He got into this like six years ago. He twenty fifteen so not someone who's been a lifelong player and i think i always think that's good because it's a sign that people can find the sport and fall in love with it and get into it at at any age. I'm not saying these old but You know someone who's kind of job is to promote the game and talk about it and market. I mean i m market but you know what. I mean So looking forward to that conversation coming up here in a few minutes. Our buddies in the jury will be here tomorrow. We'll talk a little bit about what's coming up in the racing world but also a little bit of a look back now with the triple crown and the review mirror. We've certainly talked a lot about those That series of races. Over the last many months with scott. And james and ed and so well we wanna kinda put a bow on on that and so we'll we'll do that with them tomorrow. We'll look ahead to some of the weekend racing action. Not the busiest weekend in terms of calendar stuff but you got the july stakes at churchill. We'll certainly talk about that hundred fifty thousand dollar grade three event the other graded stakes race at least on. Saturday is the salvator mile. As i always call the dougie salvator mile but Going on at monmouth park. We'll talk about that actually here in a second. 'cause i was looking at it and it's kind of an intriguing race. It's so funny to me. That the pegasus stakes which is at monmouth on sunday A man delude gonna go into that. It's it's kinda funny to me that the you know with maximum security running in that race couple of years ago and now mandolin like how a non graded race has gotten some big names like that but it makes sense. It's kind of funny. Because one of them won the derby and got taken away. One of them is possibly going to win the derby after not winning it. What a weird little connection. The pegasus stakes has with the kentucky derby. But that's coming up on sunday. It will be drawn a later day on the thursday. I'm going to emerald tonight and all my so excited for that. I haven't been emerald. Twenty eighteen cannot wait to go. See some live racing and my hometown track so really looking forward to that but I'll probably got to emerald saturday to my favorite thing during the wintertime. pre covid. My favorite thing was to go take a walk. First thing in the morning go get breakfast at usually. Black bear diner oregon smooth. If i was feeling healthy and then go watch the simulcast races and emerald sitting the bar upstairs. And you know. I do think there's there's something great about just being around a group of friends or i do some of the guys that sit up there. Not all of them. But there's something great about just kind of experience in the races in a group like that. Everybody's talking about it. Everybody giving each other crap and given riders grief and all that kind of stuff. I i miss that so looking forward to doing a little of that while i'm home for the rest of my voice a little bit. I did another podcast yesterday. With someone else and i need to announce my retirement for the next least two weeks of doing podcasts and really try to rest my voice other than doing this show finding getting a little hoarse which you know i suppose. That's an occupational hazard. My my real problem is it's not the announcing or the podcasting it's like i like to talk to people on the phone as opposed to texting all the time and i tend to do that when i make drives because it's like there's nothing else to do other than listen to music or call people and so. I need to work on not doing that as much. So when i drive tampa a limiting myself to like one phone call. 'cause i also since it's a bluetooth i find myself trained like scream and oh can you hear me. Okay can hear me fine. Like i just need to talk at a normal volume and everything will be good I wanted to mention the the salvator mile. Because it's an intriguing addition of this race. This was a race that was running september. You know pushed back last year because of covid. Pirates punch you won last year for my buddy grant forster. We always This is a grant forster house. We support grant forster here. He's got pirates punch to defend his title. He if you remember he had won. The is lynn and the salvator mile. He was disqualified in the islam lm. Which if you remember warriors charges who got put up and it was it was it was i. Don't they should have made the change. My opinion but again i'll always try to admit when my bias is showing and i think my bias showing because i want grant to win big races because i think granted awesome trainer and a good guy they try the dirt mile. Didn't work out. obviously you know next. Go and pay seuss's team. I mean that those are just very very deep waters and this is a horse that wants to before forwardly placed and You know just those were deep waters. That's all there is to. It draws the way outside here robbie alvarado coming into ride which i thought was also interesting. The salvator mile is a

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