A highlight from RaM Ep 118 Season 1-4 Trivia Recap


Us know so we can listen to an episode We won't make funny because chances are you're much better than us. Yeah it's it's absolutely the case Brandon phenomenal job. You don't even need me here so i'll see you later bye. No it's it's great to have you on on mike on actual podcast mike for the stream. You're getting settled. Everything is back to normal except that we're recording on a different night of the week at different times and you know it is. It is a mad dash. Mad dash toward season five. So we are excited about everything that is to come in season five. Rick and morty and that means some craziness is happening as as we prep for the season. But i am confident that this will be probably the best season of this podcast in terms of our coverage. Rick and morty I'm hopeful that we can. We can bring you guys lots of lots of fun new things and so If if you if you've been away from the podcast for a little while you. You probably aren't hearing this episode. Yeah yeah tell your friends As they are excited. Rick and morty to make sure that they're subscribed to this podcast on whatever platform they choose So they can catch all of the episodes coming out now through forever for out through the end of an hour until the time variance occur on the new season of low key on disney plus not sponsor data. Spa i i haven't watched that. I haven't watched it yet so The first thing. I did when the first thing i did. When i got home today was eat dinner my family and then them guilt trip me for bod casting that perspective with them. Yeah well brandon. I mean we got we got. We got a lot of show we got. We got a lot of important stuff to cover you. And and so i think we should delay no further and get right into our semi pertinent news. It's not and it's a it's a it's a it's a it's a it's it's a time it's a. It's a bill semi permanent news. Welcome everybody is gosh honestly was like three hours later. He really really wanted to stop me. And because i didn't want to stop myself. Because i i wanted to keep going but i. I realized that that people listening to this would be like that. He is really fucking annoying and In in far be it for me to try to annoy anybody on this Who who who who chose to listen to us today. So welcome to semi-permanent news. It was it was the classic brandon joke of white. Let me see how long i can stretch it out until before either lose my audience or gain their love anyway Here here here in semi pertinent news We have some some pretty legit News to talk about and this involves everyone's favorite video game. Probably probably the best video game those ever made and certainly the most popular game on the internet. It's fortnight fork knife fork. Knife has an update. Don't don't go use our code. Go get your battle pass with fiba. We don't we don't have a code. Blueberry dot com flesh e pod. Yeah yeah so. It's finally happened. rick. And morty have Stumbled into the fortnight universe and the latest battle. Update includes a whole bunch of rick. And morty themed stuff that you can get that you can play as the the main thing it's time for the main thing. Podcast thing that you said the the the real big reward is an actual playable skin as rick sanchez. It's kinda cool. It's sort of like that. Cel shaded animation type thing so he looks more cartoonish When you play us him there's also a variant of rick where you can play his toxic rick and he's all green and mean looking along with playable. Rick you can also get some back bling. I think that's what the kids are calling back. I don't know my my son. Plays four because if it was nice like a backpack. But it's like a different. It's different themed backpack essentially. Yeah yeah so there's a. There's a butter butter robot. Backpacks you just have a butter robot that hangs off your back with knees holding butter. Your your pick ax. There's all kinds of different varieties of pickaxe in fort night You can get hammerhead. Morty as a pickaxe option yeah and then there's like a wall. There's like a wallpaper with rick on his spaceship fighton fighting some aliens and stuff. Okay that's pretty good. That's pretty good. There's the last thing that i remember is. There is an e note that you can unlock. And it's the rick dance so so you your character in and plays this song. It's real dance. I thought i thought him shitting on the floor. No i was kind kinda hopeful. That was the case. But no. that's the slow moebius dropping. The be on that one. I don't know what do you think you play fortnite. Have you ever played any four-night. Yeah i played fortnight a couple times. I mean we you and i we. We played pub g. a lot For yeah for a brief period there And so then fortnight came out and just kind of took over and by that point in time we were out of the We were out of the like what does that. What what kind of game is that. I forget about my head like the battle. Royale roy battle. Royale tha type game so It wasn't mean. But i know like a lot of a lot of younger folks Like my friend. Gary his his is seventeen year old all about fortnight and just like destroyed people constantly I i know your son is is in is in the four nine right He get he goes through waves where he begs me for lots of money so that he can buy virtual items And then like a week later. He's like yeah. I don't really play anymore until like the new ballot past. Come on dad. I need it. I need it. Added got star wars characters in at this time. We've got a by then i'm like all right. The worst is when they brought

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