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Find its identity. This is the daily tech news. For friday june eleventh. Twenty twenty one in los angeles. I'm tom merritt and from studio redwood. i'm sarah lane and your boy from s podcasts. The kris ashley what it did. Draw the top stories from cleveland. Ireland ireland peralta. And i'm roger chang the shoes producer. We were just having a good old conversation about movies and trailers spoilers. If you want that wider conversation get our other show. Good day internet. It includes this show in it. Just become a member of patriot dot com slash dpd s. Let's start with a few tech things you should know. Invidia announced it's querying. The high definition mapping startup deep map and video intends to use deep. Maps mapping ip in its autonomy vehicle. Business called nvidia drive which will let the company scale worldwide map operations. Quick windows things here. The six point one one five. Update to apple's bootcamp now includes support for windows precision touch pad drivers that includes single tap to click lower right corner to right. Click down motion. Scroll up and three or four finger gesture. so if you're a bootcamp user that's nice also means they're still updating bootcamp microsoft introduced windows precision touch bed in two thousand thirteen so this has been a long time coming in another windows. Development microsoft is updated. Its life cycle page for windows ten home and pro to indicate it will continue to support at least one windows ten semi annual channel until october fourteenth twenty twenty-five that's interesting because previously retirement dates were only given to the twice yearly releases of windows. Ten the updates so having this overall date has fueled speculation that microsoft might announce a replacement for windows ten in its june twenty-fourth announcement which it has said will include windows quote. Most significant updates of the past decade decade decade mcdonald said friday. It's hired security consultants to investigate unauthorized access into its networks intruders access data from markets including south korea taiwan and the us which included some employees and franchisee contact information details about restaurants in the us along with delivery customer info. Like name phone address. In south korea and taiwan some information on employees in south africa and also in russia may also have been accessed but no payment info appears to have been compromised up the chinese ride hailing giant shing filed for an initial public offering with plans to list on the new york stock exchange or nasdaq in its financial statements. Dd disclosed a one point. Seven billion dollar loss on twenty one point six billion dollars in revenue for twenty twenty with softbank owning a twenty one point five percent stake in the company followed by uber which owns twelve point. Eight percent the new york state senate voted to pass on digital fair. Repair act which quote requires williams to make available for purposes of diagnosis

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