A highlight from 3415: Drive w/ Zahra Noorbakhsh


Welcome the keith. And the girl. I'm keith malley. i'm hander come. That's this weekend. Visiting my mom assisted living little nerve wracking iii nervous. Do you think sort of morbid thoughts as you get closer or are you just kind of keeping it in the now keeping it in the now. I know it's going to be the saddest thing. I know. What the mentioned. She's she's going to be the worst. I've seen her in my life. I know that other than that. I don't know what to do. You know that's it. I'll be with all my siblings. Kyle's going to be there as well. I'm gonna have better health on speed. Dial excellent this is what's happening. i'll i'll try. I don't if my dad's gonna show up to any of the times we visit assisted living. Oh my god trigger trigger also support support support. So you're like you have one of those. What do you call those captain america. Shield air. so it's coming at you. You got you better help coming at you. You got your kyle cossio. Yeah i picked her my dad saying in front of siblings because he thinks because a social norms i have to engage with him even though he flirted with my ex wife so i really just throw that in the the look on their face and i but i pick from san sunday of a second to talk and me just say nothing's or or we could talk about my ex in trouble the siblings we can do that but we can all of a sudden neck like things are fine because moms in a bad way. Okay i love this because yes you are living in the now when it comes to your mother. Your here's where we are but with your father your fantasizing. You're getting ready. You have answers you in in the shower must be like putting together all of this stuff. Are you going to be disappointed if you don't see him or if you do see him and he doesn't even try to talk to you. I is that a disappointment with act. The second one can happen. If he saw me he'll he'll be either. You know talking with his eyes. He won't be able to help themselves filled with his there. Then it's your turn you should. You should run bets and talking with with your is only counts if at least two of your siblings cosign that those were legit word right now. I've i've i've made so many plans. I think i'd take six hours a day just to talk to myself about what's going happen. I have another thought. They run into the bathroom. And i'm not joking about better help you guys know about this. Twenty twenty one. Mental health is finally thing that you can talk about how many people are struggling right now with the pandemic and you know life. What therapy helps. And it's time to stop being ashamed of being a human damn being better. Help is customized online therapy. They offer video phone and even live chat. Sessions can as a huge fan as well. I this it's so helpful. I don't know how you're not a fan. I really think i've said this before you might think everything's fine but you reacting funny you're not recognizing the movements that you're making or the decisions that you're making are not panning out or just agitation or nothing is wrong which let's get real psychotic more affordable than In person therapy again.

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