How to Optimize an Underperforming Sales Team With Ali Mirza


Pull us apart. How to optimize an underperforming sales team. I think there's a there's a little bit of a framework you had. Let's let's see what we can do. Absolutely so i had kicking off so effectively soviet. Ceo and you'll look at beulah. Guide your sales team. And they're missing numbers right partial And talk to them. But let's say you don't have a sales and you gotta figure out okay. What do i do now. Unfortunately at this point just telling them to work harder. He's not going to solve the problem now in may but i i will tell you this moselle teams. Don't work hard enough however that you have to ask. A wire are right because in theory. If they knew that their efforts would result in results they probably would do it. It's that the fact that they don't believe that the harder they work the more money they will make or the more sales than women. Do you have to really take a step back and allies okay. What is going on the bigger out. What the challenges. Nine times out of ten challenge is the conference of the sales team in what it is doing. Hardback can be solved with training. But most of that has to be solved with in my opinion with strategy. So if you explain to a sales person hey this is. Why is profitable by jewett in this particular manner. Say this in this way. This is your position. this is your angle. This is your pitch if you explain that in a in a compelling way they believe that they buy it they stand the internalize it. They will actually do it now from there once. You've saw that from there then. It's about setting those clear expectations right too. Many with be sales leader. Ceo's whoever had these conversations and nothing changes after the fact and that that's the problem with the execution because expectations weren't set clearly inside those meetings. The crucial conversation was never had which was okay. Now that you were wealthy provision now that you are well armed what are you going to do about it and you cannot let them get away. Get out of your room your office and let them just basically just have to work Try weaves a clear expectations. What does that look like by too much. Bdr's okay how many more calls. What is the result of these calls. You're talking to your eight year. you're closer okay. i'm anymore discovery calls. How many more you know proposal send out what is going to be hit rate of proposals out only myself to descend proposed the safest and not proposal Numbers and magic. Something will turn up not up so we need to have those clarifications on that accountability set.

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