The Most Dangerous, Narcissistic, Anti-Semitic Occupant of the Oval Office


You realize all the talk about donald trump and his mindset and so forth all the talk about joe biden and his lack of a mindset. I think one of the craziest most dangerous narcissistic minds and individuals to ever serve in the oval office. Is barack mill house. Benito obama i also think his invisible hand is working through his staffers and the biden administration. You can see the outright hate an anti semitism of so much of the obama administration. You can see the open border with the desire. To change the demographics in this country you can see the trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars being spent on hard core left wing programs obama was a trained indoctrinated marxist who hung out with domestic terrorists whereas joe biden hung out with white separatist and segregationists of which apparently knows a lot obama hung out with pro hamas palestinians marxists domestic terrorists. And the like. What a combo. Those two and tell me the eight years of the obama biden regime. How much was accomplished. Almost nothing was accomplished. How many lives are improved. Other than there's really. None so bama only do interviews with friendly media if you wanna call them media slobbering mouthpieces of the left propagandists

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