A highlight from Elon & Tesla Drop Bitcoin


Now did everybody have your well. Welcome to try to come kryptonite. Podcasts always out yesterday because Horrible call standard arrest. It was really bad yesterday. Seemed to evacuate a little bit more but today some feel pretty good coach. Yesterday was wild wild. Wild di wasn't as low as it was pretty in sign out the in the creek die with law. Moscow was coming out and Signed longer accept bitcoin. Because of blah blah blah energy blah blah blah. Now if you haven't seen my youtube video where. I pull that theory pot a little bit you'll need to watch it all Otherwise if you turn out any certain point You might get the wrong idea of where i'm coming from. A lot of. It is very sarcastic that sort of vob the video however there are some very serious points their delivered in a sock hostak. Why it's some. It's cold alone is a hypocrite. If you wanna go to youtube and have a look. Big is now as far as a market guys. We've got a couple of interesting little news. Well bitcoin embassy down. And so i went down. Heavily right now is sitting about flat on the damn point. Four percent forty nine thousand two hundred three hundred now We sitting up pretty critical point around that fifty grand mock on just gonna sit back and watch me and it was driven by The news from tesla. On sign. That i would no longer accept bitcoin except Guy figure don't get it anyway but yeah it was a wall waldo a die which those raisins watched i wanted. It feel very well done. Tend to try wanted. I feel well and to. It was just so volatile. God's absolute madness out there I did buy. Bitcoin did put more money into the market. Had some us dollar ted a sitting on the sidelines And i decided. I was going to output bit of that. In on a theory in theory at a wall dates back in the cradles beautifully right now the has slowed a little bit mobile. -tunities there in the next couple of days to get long theorems. The thirty seven hundred thirty three down two point. Four x pay is up three percent of the dole. Thirty video. The next couple of days about what i'm starting to say i'm going to do more research today. I'm gonna look into more data today but just what i say is being potential four acceptable. What the narrative the up have been slightly relating to the market for quite some time now and ayla mosques talking of his bitcoin You know Known interest as far as i'm accepting payments based on the electricity consumption. I think there's you know. I'm really considering buying myself. Some exile them. I've done well in exile. Pay over the last few years as just trading and investing it and i just when moves moves and Yeah of definitely got go continued to dig into that theory a little bit more than on a deliberate when i find out doll thirty

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