We've got to reinvest the money in something else.


A major city in the last few years. Can you big picture break down. Some of the key reforms and changes may be the biggest or a few to highlight and those reforms? Yeah, at the heart of all of this is that Cities across America, not just Austin. But Austin. Definitely. The biggest part of our discretionary budgets is usually policing and rails, which means that our main response to problems is essentially policing or jails. So what we did was, we said Let's invest some of that money into mental health first responders. So now that when you call 911 in Austin today, you hear Do you need fire GMs police for mental health so that you can actually get a mental health responded to a call. 10% of our 911 calls her mental health goals. Or also, you know, we could take some of that money and invested in family violence. Shelters to prevent domestic violence were took some of that money on put it towards housing folks that are homeless. We need to think of public safety as something beyond how many folks of color can we arrest? How many working class people can we arrest? How many police to be higher? How much money we talking about here? How much money was shifted from Austin PD. Two other stuff, so it really the plan was about $100 million reduction to the police budget, and that's out of how much of a total budget just over 400 million And so that's what quarter. Tell us. That's a lot. It's significant now. Some of it was a reduction that we could reinvest that was somewhere in the 20 to 30 million range. The rest of it was actually just taking things that are currently in the police budget and making an independent function because it's better suited to not actually be run by the police. So we've pulled things like that Forensics lab made an independent Made our 911 call center independent of the Police department so they can send the right responded to the right call, and I kind of have a bias towards policing. So the biggest part of the cut was really making things separate from everything being police. How do you measure success with these reforms is the measure of success. Fewer arrests Fewer debts by police is the measure of success. Other things like One of the metrics. I think each program is gonna have to be really held to account. A recent audit showed that Austin ranked at the very top of police shootings per capita of the big cities. When you have a police officer in the mental health call, we gotta come down that list.

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