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Attacks and their nations were shared on social media two years ago, a white supremacist and New Zealand livestream the killing of 51 Muslim workers on Facebook. This is CBS News. Fasted wealth, personalized and affordable financial planning for everyday Americans, No wealth or asset minimums. Quality financial advice for every stage of your life. It's 11 03 on Saturday, may 15th 2021 70 degrees with highs today in the mid to upper seventies. Good morning. I'm Sandy goes down with the top local stories. We're following this hour after more than a year of the pandemic masks, They're starting to come off. Virginia and Maryland are lifting their indoor mask mandates today after new federal guidance suggested that people fully vaccinated against the coronavirus do not need to wear face coverings. We begin in Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Public transportation. Health care settings and schools will be the only exception. So fully vaccinated. People still need to wear a mask in those situations and mask wearing is still recommended for unvaccinated people. The governor is urging those who haven't gotten their shots yet to get them as soon as possible because, he says, it's clear the vaccines are working. Maryland's case rate per 100,000 has dropped by 68%. Over the past four weeks to its lowest level since last July. Michelle Bash w T o P News with

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