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Take the lead on the three pointer and over time, Nick still had three seconds toe work with they had the ball stops throws it backwards. Start J. Barrett, five seconds to go very dribbling three seconds. 21 35 footer for the lead. No good on the Lakers win it one on 1 99 and over time, and LeBron is the first player on the court to congratulate his teammates. What a comeback and what a win for the Lakers. And Anthony Davis is going over to the Knick fan. And like saying, What'd you say? What'd you say? Spike Lee on hand watching the Knicks Go down, Lakers win it one. Oh 1 99 Lakers winning consecutive games for the first time. Since late March. Anthony Davis had 20 and win. We know the position. We're playing desperate refinery plant hard, That's all between all we can do. You guys have been in and out of the lineup all year. No, Dennis myself, Ron. You know, Kenny cools on everyone's been in and out of their lineup, so we always had a knot. Next man up my set and everybody's playing well. We excited about our group such when everyone come back healthy, and then we'll figure out there. Lakers, currently still in the seventh spot in the Western Conference, their game behind the Blazers and the Mavericks in the standings. The Knicks, meanwhile, still in that sixth spot in the Eastern Conference, they haven't seen the postseason since 2013. Nick's Hawks heat all they've all been in the middle of that pack in the Eastern Conference down the stretch. As for the Miami Heat, Rebound, taking,

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