Medina Spirit Will Compete in Preakness After Passing Drug Tests


That Medina spirit the winner of the Kentucky Derby, is cleared to race and Saturday's Preakness Stakes after the Kentucky Derby where Medina Spirit one a drug test revealed a therapeutic in Medina Spirits System, which is banned on race day. Fame's trainer Bob Baffert, who trained Medina Spirit revealed that the horse tested positive. Elevated levels of beta methods own. Baffert released a statement on May 11 saying that Medina Spirit had been treated for a skin condition with an ointment that contained the substance. Quote Medina Spirit earned his Kentucky Derby win and my far masala gist, sir, have told me that 21 people grams of better methods, Sone would have no effect on the outcome of the race. Baffert previously said in a statement. Medina Spirit is a deserved champion and I will continue to fight for him. After this Medina spirit went through subsequent tests that came back clean. And therefore is able to race in the Preakness. Marty and McGee host Marty Smith talked on SportsCenter with El Duncan about the situation and also how Baffert is essentially battling himself in this race when it comes to the Triple Crown. I've been texting all week long with Bob Baffert Ale back and forth. I did reach out to him after this ruling came down, asked him if he had any comment. And he said, Right now he feels like it's best to keep his comments to himself. The less he says, the better. Certainly I respect that now because concert tour and Medina spirit are now eligible for the Preakness. That means Baffert is now racing against himself for Triple Crown history, of course, since he trains both of those horses if concert tour were to win the Preakness here on Saturday that eliminates Medina spirit from a Triple Crown opportunity earlier this week, I had the opportunity to talk with Jimmy Barnes about that. Who's here? Training the horses on Baffert's behalf, and I asked him What's it like for one horse to be racing against another one. A Triple Crown is on the line, he said, Man, It's not a challenge it all. It's

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