Reach - The Ultimate Serendipity Engine



Back in episode twelve. Forty six of this show. I shared with you a quote from julian shapiro. That said luck was a function of surface area suggesting that the wide spread then the lucky you tend to become and another way of thinking about these are expressing. These would be the suggest that reach is the ultimate serendipity engine the people that are ultimately successful tend to be the ones that seemingly have morlock and more serendipity in what they do. But that's because they proactive. They're out there connecting and networking and expanding the reach. So if you want to find more serendipity if you want to trip over more good luck and good fortune then the best way to do that is to continue expanding your reach and it's not just your reach in terms of people. It's your reach in terms of circumstances and situations your reach in terms of knowledge and information. Basically just continue to be proactive. Get out there. look around. Think about stuff. Talk to people read stuff and ultimately what you'll probably find. Is that serendipity tends to happen a little bit more often. You tend to come across morlock serendipity why because you're expanding your reach. It's the ultimate serendipity engine

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