What Is Skin Needling and Does My Face Need It?

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But what is needling will. I decided to ask marie coach. Alani australian importer for the leading skin needling tool dermot pen. And i got her to explain rather than my explanation which is a bunch of tiny tiny needles in union which encourages your natural healing responses by producing more collagen which basically just gives you a freshest and glossiest baby skin but let's let her explain because she is far more eloquent. Hello my name. Is marie in a culture laney. I am the founder and creator of to sell on professional skincare brand of cosmetics and ginger me since march twenty sixteen i've been the distributor for opin world more specifically the pin which is the world's number one and most recognized skin neethling devices. I am a beauty therapist with over thirty five years experience and it is without a doubt that skin needling otherwise known as micro needling and just more commonly referred to as the pin is one of my favorites in anti-ageing treatments. Why you ask well. Skin needling is a procedure that involves very fine needles that puncture the skin to cause a perceived trauma because the natal's moving out of the skin so fast and the just the right with and they enter at the right dibs. They penetration is enough to trigger. What we call an inflammatory response so in very simple terms. The skin thinks it's been hurt and it sits off cascade of responses that ultimately triggered various sell simulations things like collagen synthesis. So if you're looking to build out lines ring wrinkles falls to volume is the skin then the needles trigger the fiberglass to go back to work reduction of skin redness pigmentation not just short term but long term were sawn minimization of pours. I love this one here because when the skin pores are refined. The canvas looked so much more. Flawless is and so much more smooth works on tightening and filming of the skin. Eight is fabulous on scars. Stretch marks and even used to stimulate haygarth but one of the more innovative ways that we've been using the dome opinion is treating acne and so fabulous on taint acne menopausal acne congested skins those skins looking for decongesting and clarity and detoxifying

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