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This is a faith beckham podcast. You're listening to the faith experiment. With robbie bergen righted across australia. Right here on faith at that thanksgiving once again. i'm already bergen. And you're listening to the faith experiment and this is episode number thirty and i'm calling this episode rossi now on the fifth experiment. I love to give away good gifts and bright resources and today's no different. I have a great book called decoding bible offici and this is a must have because it goes along with today's topic and it provides a lot of really helpful insights into a topic which is often very confusing so stick around to get the code word during the show unique texaco where to the faith experiment number which is a four triple eight all five three double one. So say that geophones. Oh four triple eight four five three double one n white for today's code word. Why texting that number and saving that number into your phone right now. Why don't you give me a text and tell me way. You're listening to the experiment from. I'd love to hear from you. You listening from queensland. New south wales victoria south astray in northern territory south australia tasmania or the act. I would love to hear from you or are you listening online in another part of the world. I'd love to the text me in. Oh four triple eight four five three double on or you can email me on robbie beta m dot com dot. Au joining me for the first time. The faith experiment is about putting faith into practice. It's about experimenting with. And so far in the show being sharing with my own personal journey of how i went from non-believer to a faith experimental and we just finished looking at a little series of how to enhance your study of these ancient manuscripts now on today's episode. I'm continuing this little series. That i've started and the experiment which is based upon answering your questions. I started this last week's episode where we picked up a question from eva. She asked the question of. How can we trust that. The bible is actually god's words so he spent the whole episode looking at the evidence for that question. Now i've got up of other questions. Here are some of the questions. I've got to answer a things like what happens to babies when they die. Why does god coup jesus. His son regard the questions. Like what is the best way to study the bible personal devotional time. He's an excellent question where is help. How do we know for certainty. What god's will is for our lives. When will jesus return how can be born again. What's the mark of the beast. Is it the covid vaccine. Is there a connection between covert and the end of the world. Is there really a secret rapture. What is the purpose of tied in the bible. Should i be giving today. Is china and bio prophecy. Is the usa about prophecy. I've heard about the three angels. I have no i mean. I've got so many questions here. I'm just blasting to sit down with you and to go through each and every one of them. That's what we're gonna do the next few weeks. Now if you have a question that you'd like to get into the show then text to the fact experiment number. Oh four triple eight four five three double one or you can email your questions on robbie at faith dot com dot a u. Now if you've missed any of the previous episodes including last week's one would we started little series and you want to catch up with some of the details. Go ahead and get the faith of him app from your app store your phone or you can go to faith m dot com look on the podcast section for the faith experiment and you will find the faith experiment on aug pod casting platforms making it easy for you to keep up to date with the faith experiment over the next few weeks. I'm going to continue taking these questions as many as i can. And dig into these ancient hebrew and greek manuscripts and find answers for you. Now what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna take all the questions that are relating to simla topical theme and group them together and try and get as many of them answered on a single episode now in the last episode. As i mentioned we looked at a question from asia who asked how can you be sure that the bible is actually trustworthy. I mean how can we even trust that. The bible is god's would and i answered the question first because nfl experiment. We need have that. The bible is actually. God's would and that it is trustworthy before we can try and answer any question because if we don't have confidence that these manuscripts are in fact god's word then really there's nothing to talk about it's all just a bunch of speculation your questions. My answers is just purely speculation and might be entertaining but it's not really beneficial as a waste of your time on my time. So that's why picked up. Eva's question. I and that's why we spent some time finding evidence from various viewpoints. We looked at evidence from a prophetic viewpoint from a scientific viewpoint from archaeological viewpoint from a historical viewpoint from a mathematical viewpoint and lastly we looked at the personal impact of these manuscripts and we saw in las that no matter which viewpoint you take. The bible provides evidence that it is in fact. A supernatural book at the very least. This book is worth out. Time to experiment so on. Today's episode. i'm going to be answering a number of different questions that i've been asked about prophecy questions. Like kevin's who asked this question. He says there are so many prophecies in the bible. And i get lost trying to understand. What is the point of them. If i can't understand them and i've got a question here from rosa which also us about prophecy she says. What's the point of prophecy. If i already believed that god exists. Bow these fantastic questions and go got more of them on this particular topic prophecy but we got to take a short break. Now when we come back we gotta jump straight into these. A bunch of other questions regarding prophecy and coming up is the code with with today's great giveaway so stick around. I'll see some. You're listening to the faith experiment. With robbie bergen right across the On right on fate that connect with us via text message on four triple four five three double one. That's four triple eight. Four five three double one also

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