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I got a two point game Utah clinging to a two point advantage of 90 88. Clippers tonight Without quiet Leonard once again, led by Terence Man He's got 34 Donovan Mitchell. 28 for Utah Jazz, trying to force a Game seven. That would be Sunday. In Utah Clippers can win tonight and wrap up this series advance to the conference finals for the first time in franchise history. Game 6 76 years and Hawks in Atlanta Sixers. Started the third quarter down four on the road against the Hawks. Seth Curry help turn things around five point lead for Philly Here's Collins topside. Three. It's a miss rebounded by court MAS Down floor Curry point. Okay, they found Curry again. He buries another triple A time out, and Seth Curry has some words for the fans in downtown Atlanta. Mark tester. Sure. John Barry the call on ESPN Radio Curry, 33. Sixers opened up the third on a 14. Oh run. He ended up with 24 total Sixers beat the Hawks won 4 99 Trae Young 34 in the lost looking ahead now to Game seven. I just gotta just gotta go in there with a The right mindset, Um, going there locked in, and, uh Going there like it's a business trip going there. Try to take care of business, and that's the plan. Auction SIXERS Game seven Sunday in Philadelphia.

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