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Can cause illness down the line for those who haven't Ping Wang NPR news In Seattle. Uber has agreed to pay more than $3 million to its drivers for violating the city's paid sick leave law covering gig workers. That law temporarily extended sick and safe leave protections during the pandemic. Workers who previously didn't qualify because many companies treat them as independent contractors about 15,000 uber drivers in Seattle will be compensated. Under the settlement, you're listening to NPR news. This is 90.3 Kz. You were NPR for the Monterey Bay area. Good afternoon. I'm Jeremiah heading For for Kes comes from Natividad Care Center, where cardiologist help patients prevent, diagnose and treat heart disease in person. Video or phone appointments are available by calling 8317961630. Quick look at traffic. CHP is reporting a hit and run with no injuries and so found Highway one in Santa Cruz at Morrissey Boulevard. Traffic is already slow in the area. CHP is also showing slowdowns on south beyond Highway one north of Moss landing. In the north Beyond direction near Monterey and Carmel Body tonight across the Monterey Bay foggy in parts of Santa Cruz lows in the low to mid fifties. Tomorrow Sunny with highs in the upper sixties to mid seventies. It's 4

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