Runner Cara Enright on Completing the Goggins Challenge


Speaking of distance and pain caves. How are you feeling you just completed. The goggin challenged you ran for while you know. I'll let you explain it. I'm like you ran. Four by four equals forty eight. Then you can you explain to us the goggin challenge and tell us how you're feeling yes. So first of all props to any interns athletes out there that was so challenging like physically but also mentally. It was so hard. So we teamed up with ask clark who people might know him from the bachelor. He also does release recovery which is in addiction foundation. And we ran. let's see for. I'm very bad at explaining it as well. So every four hours we ran four miles for forty eight hours so over. The course of forty eight hours. We ended up running forty eight miles which coincidentally was the highest mileage. I've ever seen in my life in one week. And i did that in two days so i was very impressed but it was very challenging. I think the hardest part of the challenge wasn't so much the four miles because four miles didn't seem as daunting it was the only four hours in between the four miles and during that time you want to sleep you want to. We were lucky we got to shower during some of them so it was definitely an experience

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