Andrew Giuliani Running for New York Governor


Young man who believes what new york state really needs is a governor named giuliani. I will faithfully discharge the duties. And that i will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of mayor of the city of new york office of mayor of the city of new york according to the best of last thing before we go tonight. That was rudy. Giuliani's inauguration as new york city mayor twenty-seven years and one reputation ago. No one remembers the speech only the behavior of his son. Andrew parents watching cut the lads some slack. We figured who are we to judge. But then saturday night. Live including the essential. Chris farley decided. Let's go ahead and judge came here with twenty dollars in his pocket. He dreamed life could be better for himself and his children today to dream of a city. That can be better than it is. Everyone wants to come to new york. Artistic career yell. Fashion cultural institutions are the best in the world are well fast forward. 'til now andrew is all growed up and he's decided to run for governor of new york as one does when one's father is under federal investigation. He's been trying to get free media attention naturally. He did an interview with russian television last week again as one does. He's also made a campaign ad in which he does. The josh hawley raised fist thing in a near empty times square at night and today he formally announced his candidacy. And here's a preview. It didn't go well okay. Well my fellow new yorkers. It's a great honor to be with you all here today to announce my candidacy to become the fifty seventh governor of our great state of new york. Which one is that. Is that miss manhattan. Or is that lady lady liberty over there so

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