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You won three game Once you lose your best player tonight, and you put a whipping on the Milwaukee Bucks. I mean, Where is this toughness come from, you know from from all the all the work, you know that we did this year. You know, we've been struggling with a lot of injuries, but we kept working. You know, we kept Dead mentality of, you know, underdogs and, uh, we kept grinding in the gym, You know that There is no secret, honestly and all the guys here. They want to win. Really, you know, and as soon as we start winning I think after the all Star break, you know we we felt. How was it? You know when you win And how how happy you are. How can you recover fast and all that and how you how much you're enjoying it? You know so I'm just part of fold All the guys, man. Bogey will let you go. Congratulations on the win Big night for you and the Hawks. See in Milwaukee. Thank you, Steve. The Hawks got Atlanta sound like Freaknik back in the eighties and nineties. That's how excited that city is with their team in a 22 split right now in the Eastern Conference finals, Trae young man that be there for Game five of the Atlanta Hawks. Yeah, it's out of the Cooper Milwaukee Bucks. He may not be there for Game five as well after suffering a hyperextended left knee injury in Game four. That may be a bigger loss to the Bucks. Not not might be. That will be a bigger loss to the Bucks than trade. Young being out. For the Atlanta Hawks. Freddie Coleman on Freddie Fitzsimmons. Presented by Progressive Insurance, making it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. Keep weighing in on Twitter at Come on ESPN. Don't forget the phone number as well. Triple Eight, say ESPN. 8887293776. When you have my one thought on each and every news item of the day things could go horribly wrong. And I promise you they will next on ESPN radio. We're back on Wednesday, looking back on Game four of the Eastern Conference finals as the Hawks even the series will tell you if they have enough to put the Bucks on the brink in Game five, Pizza J. Willens on ESPN radio.

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