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Seven two nine three seven seven six my question to you all these injuries. All these young stars in the nba. We're getting different. Names are more interested in the playoffs or less interested beyond earth. Like you less likely to watch as we continue to go through if we don't have household names plane and if you've got to learn about some of these players along the way or d love it two thoughts on it you can also tweet me at fits. Mash kellerman show presented by progressive insurance. All of our guests. Join us. On the goodyear hotline. I've got some big. nfl takes. I just gave you a few minutes ago. We'll talk to jeff saturday in about ten minutes. We'll see if he thinks. I've lost my mind. In the meantime lebron is out on twitter and he is not holding back talking about injuries. Now if you missed the news. Kawhi leonard may miss the remainder of the clippers series versus the jazz. He's expecting miss game. Five right knee injury. We talked to ramona shelburne earlier. She pointed out that. Obviously swelling in the knee keeps him from knowing the full extent of the injury right now but it doesn't look good or promising for a wide to get back into this series against the jazz. So can the clippers managed to win that and then unrelated to any sort of normal injury. Phoenix suns point. Guard chris paul has entered the nba health and safety protocols. He'll be out indefinitely now. This is part of covid nineteen so for anyone that doesn't know he. According to different reports we have different information. We're not one hundred percent. Sure if chris paul was vaccinated he hasn't spoken to that. If he is vaccinated he could be facing a really short absence. Gotta have to negative covid nineteen tests. You can get back. If he's not vaccinated can be a much longer process so we don't know yet what it means and it does mean that this historic year continues. We are looking at more. All-stars have missed games in the playoffs. Then ever in nba history. Lebron tweeted about it saying quote. They didn't want to listen to me about the start of the season. I knew exactly what would happen. I only wanted to protect the well. Being of the players which ultimately is the product and benefit of our game. These injuries aren't just part of the game. It's the lack of pure rim rest before starting backup eight possibly nine. All stores have missed playoff games. Most in league history. This is the best time of year for our league and fans but missing a ton of our favorite players. It's insane if there's one person that knows about the body and how it works all year round. it's me. I speak for the health of all of our players on the hate to see this many injuries this time of the year. Sorry fans which you guys. We're seeing all your favorite guys right. Now that's lebron's take on the injury what what's yours. I mean it's really easy right now to step up and say well the season and the compacted schedule has got to be caused now. I've said it myself but as ramona also pointed out with us earlier i mean. We're not gonna lump. Chris paul into this conversation right like that's a covid nineteen issue that has nothing to do with when they play. And do we know that. Kawhi leonard for example injured his knee in a game. Because of the schedule. I mean you can look at hamstrings. Certainly get soft tissue and say hey. This could be a factor. But we don't know. I get we're lebron's coming from but it's also really easy right now with hindsight to be able to stand up and talk about this. I mean how hard did the nba players fight for shorter season. Were they willing to take less money to play. Did they wanna truncated season. That was only going to be forty five or fifty games to protect their bodies and while that may protect lebron does that. Protect everybody else in the league now. One thing that lebron says. I hate for the health of our players. I hate to see this many injuries. Sorry fans wish you guys were seeing all your fav- guys right now. What lebron is forgetting is it. There's this whole crop of young stars. That are fun to watch. There's a whole crop of young stars that i benefit from getting this extra exposure. If you've ever listened to me. Was sarah sarah spain and is benefit. Seven to nine. Pm eastern monday. Through friday on espn radio. We've talked a lot about one of the issues women's sports face which is better storytelling. You gotta get more invested in the individual athletes in the stories around them. Because the more you tell those stories the more people are interested in watching their games. It's not that much different than what we do in the nfl. Think about it when you watch. Nfl shows you're going to hear a lot about the cowboys so when the cowboys are on tv. Because there's such a big brand it's sort of resonates you might not. Most years. Here is much about a team like the titans takes longer for them to get that attention. It's the way storytelling works through all of this now storytelling in the nba has been all about where teams are going to be in the future for the last several years. We've spent the majority of the playoffs talking about upcoming contracts. Think about this situation. We've been looking any other year. Yana struggles were going to have some conversation about the supermax. What milwaukee's doing. It's exactly what we did last year any time that we have the opportunity to look to the future in the nba. That's typically what we've done. Oh who's going to join with. Who at the end of the season. How are we going to break up. These super teams is it become dominated by just a few people is. They're all real conversations. We have at about this time of the year every stinking year

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