A highlight from Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast 6/17/21--Guest Marshall Gramm


As we will be welcoming and marshal graham to the show in fact. I think what i'm gonna do is start the show with the interview. Pretty early on. Because marshall broach topic. That i wanted to expand on more and it seems counterproductive to talk about the topic. Then do the interview with him where we address topic as well afterwards like feel like we should give the guest priority priority airspace. Airtime so we'll get to the interview here in just a little bit. But i wanna talk some later on about horse player psychology at something we address on a fairly regular basis but When marshall brings it up in the interview we did continue on with it. But i want to expand on it. And it's always kind of tough to do that with our guest your first of all. I don't wanna talk that much as it is. It's you know we want to showcase the guest and Yeah i think I think it will actually be a good thing So we'll do that Here today the jury will be here tomorrow. We'll look ahead to some of the weekend racing action coming up tomorrow but Very horse player centric days. We always try to do on thursday. Do want to start with a couple of news items was i. I did watch some royal asked today. it's ask it right not ascott azkit. i think It's funny to watch the races. How they unfold where everybody goes to like one side or the other like you're either gonna beyond the near side of the far side and nobody runs in the middle. I just kept thinking about. How cool would it be if some jock just said screw it. I'm staying in the middle and like if they just drew often one and rose you know waving their all the other guys that are all down fighting other ao with each other and obviously they would all be going down there. If it wasn't better ground you would think i remember paco. Lopez at gulfstream park west. The very last week of the me and twenty nineteen you know turf had been used for two months straight. It was it was pretty. Well beat up and paka one the first couple of races coming not even down the crown of the track like literally toward the outside part of the home stretch and the next race after that like you could see a couple of the guys were like okay once we get straightened. We're not gonna lose ground but once we straight away we are. We're getting to that outside path that that harder ground and i mean i'm that harder ground when it comes to turf is is better right. I'm just basing that off of as a as a human being if i'm walking in firmer grass. It feels better. It feels less taxing. Where's if i'm walking on wet graphs. You think a little bit gets a little harder. It's like being at the beach right. I tell 'cause. I remember portland. People you saw was asked like he's safe the horses to run when the when the sand is wet. Like that and i go well. Let me ask you something when you're running at the beach. Where's it easier to run out where it's dry and deep or where it's wet and vermin patted down. And they're like. Oh yeah. I never thought of it that way. Well that's because you're not a genius like me. I didn't say that but Yeah it's it's interesting to see kind of how the how the they all split up like that and somebody i saw i asked on twitter about you know and actually a listener emailed me as well like. Do you think you could call the thirty horse races. I have a little bit of a hot take about that. By the way. And it's it's it's on a on a level of zero to like you know a billion scovill. It's pretty spicy. Because i think it's probably not even true but i think that it is so hey i would one hundred percent give it a try. Would it be hard. Yeah of course. The more horses generally the tougher. It is for a few different reasons. I do think that when there's more horses you memorize better. 'cause you're you're worried about screwing up more and so i've always felt that i i know the horses better in a twelve or thirteen or fourteen horsfield but the thing is when there's twenty or thirty horses now in a dirt race. They string out like the derby they string out. So it's it's pretty easy to see who wear and you know first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh etc when there's thirty of them in a turf race it's kind of like in this case. They kind of went to both sides of things. But there's two distinct groups fifteen and i don't think you have to get to cute with any margins because they're all just kinda group so it's literally just oh on the faw side this one did front this one right there this one on the far side this one of the assad this one of the far side this one of the neocide. I think that might have made the guy australian. But i don't think that many of the people watching are judging the call for accuracy that much in a thirty horsfield they can kind of see. Who's on the lead. Or maybe who are the prominent ones but after that it's all just a bunch of horses and a clump. Of course there's no saddle towel so you know you're relying on your on the caller but also you. The people watching most of them. I don't think are no the sa- the silks of a lot of the contenders. They might know the ones that they're betting on. So what i'm getting at is that i think you can get away with making a lot of mistakes and thirty horsfield and nobody would notice. And just kinda like okay. That one's around there that ones in its divorces that ones are you know like you can be kind of vague and get through it and then as long as you know by the end if three or four of them have kind of separated themselves then. It becomes a three or four horse race. It's not a thirty horse race anymore. You're still watching to see if somebody comes flying out of a pack but it's the same with a fourteen horse field or twenty horsfield. Remember talking about the derby travis about this and you know he was saying he's like when three of them kind of separate themselves turning for home and they've been one to three the holy round he goes. It becomes not that hard of a race to call its win. There's ten of them that are lined up and the ones upfront backing up. And they're flying from every which way like if if a thirty horse turf field race like kind of falls apart of the front end forget about it. It's the toughest race in the world. Call you know probably is the toughest race or one of two call right now but my spicy take is that you can get away with a lot in the thirty horsfield because anybody watching most of them are focused on a couple of horses and whatever you say about the rest like nobody's probably gonna judge that much so that's my spicy. Take on that. But it's fun to watch and you know. I know i give. I don't know any of the horses over there. There were some horse named love that one and everybody was so excited.

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