A highlight from 3417: Shut Up, Mommys Talking w/ Kyle Ocasio and Karen Bergreen


Welcome the keith. And the girl. I'm keith malley and the people are commenting on last week with keith. And the girl right. Oh yeah yeah. Last week on keith. And the girl with karen from the black guy who tips she got right into the meat of what everyone's talking about of the shows that we did last week. Which was the julia episode and who. It got heated as was But not surprisingly heated right abed. Bad critic says it's pretty fucked up that keith. The girl is leveraging keats. Fuck up meaning the interview with julia to get more. Vip memberships he should apologize on this show. It's just besa courtesy. I get it again. What everyone's upset. I get that you ask the question that you don't normally ask. I don't i i also get why people want me to apologize. Live in some apology. But i don now. I'm not doing it so i wrote back. Spoiler doubled out k by. And i wrote to get vip roiling right like it's a real discussion missed. That guy already just buying watcher doc. You love it so much all your answers. I guarantee it steve in the cfo rates. I left my. Vip membership lapsed due to loss of job. I heard fridays tease about julia gate. And had to re up my membership money well-spent who needs both electricity and water anyways and would've recommended sending the episode to her. Pr people to advise what happened up until keep drop the c word. I laughed out loud but some things are best kept behind a paywall. We wouldn't want anyone clutching their pearls and fake acting like they were offended. Thanks karen karen. Of course hosting that time. Thanks karen for not bearing the lead on this topic and going straight to the main event great episode all around of course last week on keith girls in your vip package well. I think you should apologise to this person who you just read their email because they don't have electricity because your ass mukai negotiation. Are we doing here on the show. We are convincing people to go over the cliff and into the ditch with us in the car. Folks were now together forever. Thank you what's a what's a free trial of people would like that. How do

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