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It could be one. That is national. It could be one that is international. Now i have one called shine which has two levels so it's four women that are making more than six figures in their business and then women that aren't yet making more than six figures in their business but they're working toward that. My mastermind dies in shine. Elevate which is the higher level one is that we help women that are already have a lucrative business double their income in twelve months or less and we help them become household name by acquiring in cultivating mainstream influence and then in shine accelerator. Which is the first here level. We give those women who aren't making six figures yet all the training the support the leverage the mindset that they need to hit that one hundred k. which then allows them to start making more of a name for themselves in the work that they do which then eventually is going to help drive them towards that mainstream influence right. So if you want. If you're interested in hearing more about it you can check it out. You can go to. Julie salamon dot net slash shine waitlist but only apply if you're someone who was making six figures and wants to go to seven figures and you're someone who wants to start to amass way more influence or apply if you're someone who is making less than six figures but you're truly ready to do the work that is needed on your business on yourself to get to that next level My mastermind is really meant to support women who wanna make a lot of money and don't wanna work for anyone else so if that sounds like you and it could be a good fit. She can go there and check it out. I'm going to be taking a really small percentage of the top of the top right. The ones that apply that truly hungry and really bring them into this incubation group. Because i'm looking for the right. People that i wanna work with that. I want to support and coach for an entire year. That i want to then call on my colleagues to come in and also support and coach for an entire year and that i truly think will be a good fit culturally for the energy and the environment that i'm creating with shine so i really want to create a space that allows us to fly to thrive with a very intentional and intimate community of people. Who are really stepping up to an entire new level. So i'm super excited about it and i want to kind of share a little bit more as you know when it comes to business right because a lot of times people do. Ask me that question like if you're starting all over again today. What does that one thing that you would do differently. And when i think back at the last let's say seven years of myself in business being an entrepreneur and growing my business over the years creating multiple products selling millions of dollars in courses dissolving a lot of services that didn't fit yes that does happen. it's all part of the journey. You know launching a podcast speaking on stages pitching and landing six figure book deal which i'm going to be sharing more about next year. I'm so excited for that. All of these different things. Right that i've done and if i look back over the last seven years when i got started and i think about what's the one thing that truly honestly nobody s transformed my business. The most if there there was that one thing that i could think of or that i could go back to the start and start doing that. One thing over and over again it would without doubt be masterminds and i got very fortunate and i feel very just blessed and lucky that i knew very early in my journey that the key thing and i think that i knew this because of my background and marketing and communications. I majored in communications in college You know i did. Pr for years. So i knew that the proximity of who you spend your time with the. Here's in the mentors that you surround yourself with the peers in your industry who are experts who have access to the resources and the information who have access to leverage and Connections right and i knew how important being in the proximity of influential people was to your business. The proximity of influential people in your space in your space with those who have already created what you wanna create that is everything to really growing and scaling a business that is greater than anything that you can imagine you putting yourself in surrounding yourself with people who have already done. What you're trying to accomplish is the secret. I think to success way. More than strategies in tips being connected to the right people having the right relationships that is what makes you successful and that is what you should be investing in. And that is what i. If i could start over and do it all over again. If i had a dollar to invest in my business. I would invest it in making sure that i was connected to the right people. Having access to that type of group rate is one of the most powerful things that you can have. And if i could go back and start all over again. That's what would do. I would find a mastermind immediately. I didn't do that when i first started my business. It took me about three years. From when i guess i would say was like the start of the business that i have now to win. I got into a mastermind. The first time. And if i could do it all over again i would have done it. You're one now. You may be thinking like why julie should. I be looking for a mastermind in the first place. Right some of you might even think about that right like what is it. What is it for me. Is it right for me. What will i learn. Am i ready for one. And here's the thing. When i started out. I was constantly traveling to different conferences. I was going to industry events. I was meeting influencers. I was meeting industry leads. I was meeting experts. Who had the information that i wanted. They had the connections and the relationships

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