A highlight from Epilogue: The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You, by Jessica Alba

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You by jessica alba so shall we start off with some feedback from folks who've read the honest. Yes i think that is a very good place to start with the source material. Yes ama- has this to say. I read the honest a few years ago. When i was first dabbling with efforts to be more eco friendly. I liked that jessica alba was very non-judgmental in admitted that she also wasn't perfect. I think if. I've read a more hardcore echo guide. I would have felt it was impossible but thanks to her. I made some changes. Not big shattering ones. But i do try to use more earth friendly cleaners and consume less plastic than i used to. Oh that makes me happy to hear. I mean the way. I feel about it. Anything that makes us cut down on plastic usage and be a little kinder to the earth. You know that that is a good verdict. So am i really glad it worked for you. But not everyone that the advice jessica alba makes that much sense kristen. Yeah marley had this to say. I try to live with as little environmental impact as i can. However i have some issues with instructions like those given by jessica alba and the clean living movement. I hate the tactic of. Don't use products with ingredients. You can't pronounce if you break down anything into basic chemical ingredients because see it with me. Everything is a chemical most people can't pronounce them and it's absolutely a fear mongering technique when common named ingredients are put on ingredient lists it leaves room for ambiguity and it doesn't mean that it's actually cleaner than an ingredient listed by the chemical name. I find that the clean living movement has caused a mistrust of science in an incredibly dangerous way in an attempt to be natural and stay away from chemicals. People are doing things that are actually dangerous like ingesting essential oils instead of seeing a doctor or taking actual medicine or getting backseat. That pronunciation as a hard and fast rule is not a good one. Because i always thought like more of the chemical name was listed on the back of bottles like four specificity so you could see like which way this natural plant product was. Broken down. And then put into your. You know thing you're eating are putting on your face so yeah it gets messy. Yeah there's this thing. I'm ingesting right now. Jolanta called hydrogen hydrogen oxygen h two o. Well below that is off. Water is yeah yeah. That's that's what it is right or is that an element. whatever it is. It sounds like it might not be pronounced. If you're not used to those words right right right and also yes to the suspicion of science like i agree with that anything that leads people to be overly suspicious of science folks. Don't be suspicious of science joelinton arab. So happy were vaccinated and we're so happy. We have access to medicine agreed k. Rights into say. I have an issue with cruelty free branding. It is a gimmick. I have done animal research and have worked in lab. Animal care and i can say confidently that is so hypocritical to demand product safety and then turn around and also demand products not be tested on animals. How do you think products are tested for safety products. That aren't tested on animals directly use ingredients known to be safe from. You guessed it previous animal testing personally. I think this is a huge dishonour to the animals. That did contribute to our knowledge of the safety of these ingredients. I have to say. I have a dear friend who works in medical research and she very much shares this opinion that it sort of sweeping Like the service under the rug and like blissful ignorance about like. Ed scroll free because like other people are cruel. Yeah so yeah. It is a chicken egg situation not to make light of animals. But like it's a tough one. It's a fucking tough one because we all want animals to be treated well but we all wanna make sure doing safe things and we don't wanna test on us. I don't want to. you're absolutely right. I don't think any of us want animals to be treated with cruelty in any way. But we've all benefited from animal testing and it. It sucks. the animals have been tested on but it also is like a racing. It like kay said and then putting a label on your package that implies no animals wherever tested on for your product. It's it's not true because animals were previously whether it was two years ago or ten years ago years ago they were tested on so that we know that that chemical can go on your eyelid or whatnot. Yeah we rely on it more than we think. Now you take issue. Not just with jessica alba's philosophy but her company itself for example jury says i just eat the name ernest company. When i hear name like that it makes me wonder what kinds of heinous they are hiding. I have to agree all we just when when a company has like a hard strong name. I always just start wondering about the opposite. You know what i mean. It's just what what a lot of our minds do.

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