A highlight from Hour 1: Aaron Rodgers Enjoying His Offseason

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Spectacular night from kevin durant and the brooklyn nets game five against milwaukee. The story early chains guarding it out making the return from a hamstring. He would play most of the night he would struggle particularly first half gophers six from the poor with two turnovers presence. Team to lift is deep. He was out there doing good but the nets would struggled mightily in the first half down. Sixteen into the third week and kevin durant would say this is about to become line night here. We got durant in the lane. Plays it up in good news just getting started ensuing possession durant in transition. This was his running mate last night. Jeff green seven eight from three twenty seven points nets creeping back into it. They're down nine final minute of the third durant. Good the six point game into the fourth quarter under nine to play now with into the rain using the screen. My goodness that's their first lead since it was two nothing just over five minutes now. What a game nets lead by one the rain mid range over middleton yes. That's why three a buck twenty to go down by two janas goes to the line again down by two crowd smelling blood. I one no road. He'd make a second to one point game under a minute ago. Still one point track clock winding down. Here's the biggest moment of the night. They've got him trapped two seconds on the clock one second of knocked down. Kevin durant could not be stopped. That's up by four thirty seconds ago. Mets leaders to what are they going to do. Janas middleton janas. They lose it. The red hangs on covered the rain. Forty nine points. Seventeen rebounds ten assists played all forty eight minutes. The nets wit. Oh what a night. I

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