The Similarity of Chinese Communist Propaganda and Our Lying Media


And I'm reading this piece in The Wall Street Journal. And it's about Chinese Communist propaganda really applies to propaganda outfits throughout human history, Prov, the Soviet Union or whatever. And it was this fascinating piece by Perry Link called Beijing protests allegedly too much and it talks about how you have to learn to read. Communist propaganda from China and their media outlets. And when you learn to read a quote upside down, the stories make sense and I thought to myself, I'm sitting there. I'm always thinking of. You know what's a good, solid narrative for a show that ties things together today because we've got a lot of material to get to And I thought, Gosh, that said, Like Once we learn how to do what you know the citizens of China have had to do with their own media to read media reports upside down, We can finally start to get to the truth. Let me read you a quote from this Wall Street journal piece because it's very telling. And I want you to tell me something going to ask you up front. What is any different from are the Chinese propaganda from the Chinese Communist Party and state controlled media in China? What's different than our media here? Serious question After you. What's different. You have to employ the same tactic it to get to the truth to our lying media here. Hear from the piece called Beijing Protests allegedly too much quote. Many years ago. A distinguished Chinese writer Woo Zuzang explained to me that there is truth in Communist Party pronouncements, but you have to read them quote upside down. If a newspaper says the party has made great strides against corruption in Hannon And you know that corruptions recently been especially bad in and on. If you read about the heroic rescue of eight miners somewhere, you can guess that a mine collapse may have killed hundreds who aren't even mentioned. Learn to read the story upside down. Read upside down. There's a sense in which the official press never lies. It cannot lie. It has to tell you what the party wants you to believe. And if you can figure out the party's motive, which always exists. Then you have a sense of the

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