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What a lineup. We have coming your way. Starting today. the euro matchup between turkey and italy is this afternoon on. Espn the belgium and russia. Saturday tomasz tomorrow afternoon on. Abc game three of the western conference. Semis routine the jazz. And the clippers is eight thirty eastern and then we cap saturday night with you have to sixty three on. Espn plus pay per view. What a lineup. This weekend coming your way. Aaron rodgers will be at the lake house. Mike pat about will be in vermont with me booker. i think is at the scene of a lunar eclipse. She was going to be rocking up. Enough people want to see random people get into a ring and fight each other. How many rounds could you go with chad johnson. Hero unless you wanna fight green or we could just a battle it out over chessboard. I we sent the text last night and we wanted to go live on the practice field. And i said it's from mike greenberg. Greenberg is also an executive and the tampa organization. Maybe that's mike greenberg. They thought you were talking about people on saturday night around eleven pm and i hit on black eleven. That's julio something's up on. Which was the bet on black eleven. Read thank you got to moebius laughing. Giving them a stray. Thank you if you're on that team and you're a leader. What are you saying the fun. Why are you that much taller than me in this picture because on that much star than you in real life. Y'all notice the size but look at the ears owner of last the. Oh my does news those ears. Would what on a golf with coach. I played golf with them. Both i won't get in the middle of all of it. I will say is not nearly as much taller than me as that picture would appear one way or another. It's been a fun week and we thank you every single time you choose to start your day by getting up with us here. We are very busy on this friday morning. Coming to you. As always live from above heineken river decade pier seventeen. I am greenie. Jam packed with basketball highlights. Nfl conversation college football news as well. Let's go relevant menu. Howard two was assigned to get up with milwaukee's best bucks. That's good to the final shot. We've got you covered right off the top and stephen as on the way in this hour then the very best advice you will hear for how to solve the puzzle. That is the packers we can do it. And we'll explain exactly how and then college football as we know it on the verge of enormous chain you need all the details and we got them coming your way as we get up with you in this hour starting right now with the game of the night in the nba bucks nets in milwaukee janas and company humiliated in the first two games but he was much better last night in a defensive struggle. Pick it up on the fourth tied at seventy four. Yes thirty three bucks up to just over to play tied seventy eight. Chris middleton also sensational last night. Thirty five points. Fifteen boards buck and a half tied at eighty kevin durant bruce brown back to durant durant added going thirty points eleven rebounds and that's a three point lead that's been fifteen seconds to go blocks down by one desperately needing a basket to keep their season alive while drew holiday. This spin move. He had just nine. But that's the biggest flex plus of the season. They're fired up outside now next on the other end well that sloppy they almost lose it gonna wind up in the hands of brown. He's gonna wind up with a mad dash to the whole. It's not even close. So there's a rebound there's foul shots and they're good and so it's a three point milwaukee league with two seconds left. And where are we going. We're going to katy. And that's the mask. Look they could manage. It's no good and the bucks survived the fight another meaningful day. Eighty six eighty three is your final with and chris. Middleton combining scored sixty eight of the eighty six points last night at seventy nine percent that has the highest percentage of a team's points scored in a playoff game by any duo in nba history. And i bring back.

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