Aaron Rodgers 'Still Wants Out,' NFL Insider Says


NFL reporter. He's all over the place, he says. Rogers. His mindset has not changed. The wants out without a doubt, absolutely, still wants out. They didn't suddenly come out and insults him ago. Okay, how it's fixed. I guess they wouldn't make much sense. Your I guess it wouldn't make sense. You're right and call them complicated. All right. So now what if he's not If he's still not happy, and he still expects something to happen. What does that mean? It doesn't mean that teams haven't been calling every time somebody called the Packers. It was immediately shut out. So, look, what these teams need to do is continue to call and continue to call whether for him to show watch any of the guys like continue to call to show interest because what happens in the NFL teams are so afraid to make the first call, because you they think you lose your leverage. So Glaser on the Pat McAfee show. Discussing all of this. So a couple of dates coming up Packers calendar, of course. Training camp starts July 27th, But he will be playing golf on TV with an outspoken individual named Tom Brady, who likes the rib and poke and jibe. And I'm guessing we'll hear something then as well. I've already proved that Tom Brady

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