Tzipi Hotovely: Israels first female ambassador in the United Kingdom


Of the battle. He's not just east rail. Your jewish we all need to fight together. And i think the fact that old people were arrested. I know that the british government and the british police been very active around. It is a good place to start but this is not the end we need. We need to do more in order to fight. Antisemitism and i know the jewish communities very much concerned because no one experienced anything like that in britain and we need to make sure that britain will be the free democratic country that it stands for its values and not a country where jews are afraid to go to school or go to synagogues or to look lectures should be hotter valley as israel's first female. Uk ambassador she was born in recovered in nineteen seventy eight. The daughter of soviet georgian emigrants ardent zionists as with previous ambassador gavin episode thirty. He one about social mobility in israel. The dynamism of the economy tragically. There's anti zionism among young jewish people across the west in the us and he two heads are being turned by media and peer pressure. And while seventy five percent of american jews support israel as a jewish state eighty. Five percents say it's important or very important to stand up for the oppressed or marginalized hundreds of jewish google employees rejected. What they call the conflict of israel with the jewish people overbearing anti-israel narrative makes bias out of balance palestinian. Ism chant along by half wit football. Whoa korie and tv celebrities and her excellency has a message for those in the diaspora who are less than supportive of the jewish state. The young generation in britain can sometimes be very critical but israel's policy in certain fields in areas. But i think that most israelis have their own opinions like as you know. We're we're a country that everyone can criticize the government But i think by criticizing policy. You cannot just go and not support israel. Supporting

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