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Folks. welcome back. Sinophile continues to file endures the resilience of setup file. And of course. Thanks to all of you for your support along the way. My name is odd. Name for a hundred and seventy-five episodes we've knocked out seventy eight at espn. Thanks to genesee. Dance danjaq rick passmore claire atkins all those who are responsible for this passion project and then of course to canes thirteen and two chris corcoran joseph engelbrecht and shaun cherry the entire crew. Thanks for letting me do that. And now the thank yous to john skipper and dan laboratory for saying what we want to be. A part of metal. And i said dan i don't know like you're doing a bunch of other stuff. I'm under contract and he. We're getting it done. When laboratory believes in you when le batard says it get it done and him and skipper together. Things get done so i'm thrilled to be here. I'm throwing we continue here. Incentive file this entire crew knows what a fan i am of the lebatardshow and their universe there so funny irreverent and different quirky and so when they sit in terms of producing. I said as long as it's a member of that crew will be thrilled and so when they didn't give me my first choice ability they gave me. Chris cody and i was thrilled to get my second kidding. No i said. I don't care one of them and they said cody's your guy said great. I'm just excited to see how many episodes we're going to do before you're tired of me for my lack of movie knowledge because all no way the the amount of movies that i haven't seen will impress you. We don't have to get to a now. We have a lot of time. I'm just saying it's it's an impressive list. This an important point because people would often ask me. that's okay. How'd you get cody of while i love the show and cody's funny and he's great and i don't care movie knowledge like anybody who thinks there's some sort of process i'm like all right. Chris can you please name for me. Al pacino's i seven films go. I don't think i can do that. I mean let's find cody. your job. here is to have fun crack jokes. You're the every man that don't feel any pressure. I've never seen raging bull count the number times. Chris will offend me with things that he what. How does that happen. How are you with me. Let's dive in though. So listen for unaware because i listened christner Universally part of this experience. So this is what sinophile is i review movies. And then we have guests and we do fund silence. We talk entertainment news. And that's really what this is and you say what about tv shows. Well it's not called mr. tv show. It is symbolic lover of film which is the translation. But hey today we're doing. Hbo limited series mayor of east town. Because i was watching that. My wife and kate winslet movie star. So yeah we talk movies. We talk to. We'll talk everything in terms of where we are available. You can always tweet me adnan virk. There's also sinophile pod. And i believe cody is gonna use the social media largess of lebatardshow. I dunno cody. If we're going to have a sinophile on instagram. But i'll put that out there if you want to do that. But go ahead subscribe to this. Podcast help us out. We are trying to climb rankings. We are trying to take out all the other l. a. f. properties. I see you mystery create. I see you stupidity. Hey brock meyer. You've gotta go podcast. And then and then the now. Please help us out. Subscribe unsubscribe resubscribe we are trying to climb the rankings. That is always the key when people say. What is the secret amac listen. I don't know chris. And billy and mike ryan and roy have all figured this out. But i think it's that i think it. Subscribe unsubscribe resubscribe. Tell your friends bribe gamble but whenever you need to just course and get it done. I wanted to do some quick thoughts on the oscars is with the time. This worked was the be perfectly transparent laboratory call. Because we need you over here. And i said okay. Let's do this and then like just it happened. Maybe a lot quicker than we realized and then all of a sudden in fairness canes thirteen. It's like okay if you wanna balance it. That's that's fine but we're we're not gonna imagine you're leaving one girl for another kid who just got a few more dates and i'm going to go. We're done now. Totally cool all good and to be clear. I'm still working for cadence. Thirteen i have an nfl. Podcast called gm shuffle. Me and michael lombardi you could also subscribe. Resubscribe unsubscribe review. So i'm working for canes we haven't nfl. Pot percentage file thing over laboratory all good but now we're done so the many people were like wait. You stopped literally the week before the oscars did your oscars recap so. This feels a little dated. But we'll do a very quick recap. Because i just imagined that you talk about the oscars every day. It doesn't matter whether it's like a couple of months ago whether this is the first podcast we've done it a while a you. Just talk about the oscars. It's a great point. Cody like when. I see people at work. I'm seeing a lot. that's their. I hate anthony hopkins. I'm like this was like five weeks ago. But i've seen since i'm like okay. Fine i'll give you my opinions of it. So i'm thrilled. They happen just to have the oscars again. It's one of my favorite days of the year normal. Exactly i loved the music from quest love. I love that. I tracking shot regina king. I love regina king soderbergh trying to give it a little bit goodson glamour. But obviously we all know what the downsides were. it looked like a luncheon. it didn't have the usual glitz and glamour that they needed a lot more clips to the movies. That's my biggest cody. When you watch the oscars people have seen two movies three moves. Whatever they're not like me they haven't seen everything so when they see it clip of sentimental they got looks pretty good now. I always thought was very handsome. Fellow pakistani that. He is in the crowd sitting there. You're when you were watching these movies. Anthony hopkins. I'm telling right now. The father for those who have not seen it. The last scene of the movie is his oscar clips. And if you just watch that scene and you go oh my god that guy winning an oscar and he did so. I missed the clips of the actual movies. I get the producers wanting to tighten the show up. But i do agree with you especially for the big awards. You gotta showed the clips sound effects. Editing fine clips. But for best actor. Acting cars reminds me of way but he still wants to put time in terms of baseball. Which is one of other passions he said. You know this whole place stuff. Let's built the game all right. So games are three hours and seven minutes. Jaguars if it was two hours thirty with like half america. We're gonna baseball now. It's a lot faster now. Like either you love the game or you don't appreciate the leaves pace you. Could we speed up a little bit.

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