Global Crime Sting Using Messaging App Sees Hundreds Arrested


The FBI and police agencies around the globe pull off a cyber sting it was called a non a secure messaging service built by the F. B. I. designed to snare criminal groups since October twenty nineteen the FBI and other law enforcement around the world log more than twenty million messages from a total of eleven thousand eight hundred devices with about nine thousand currently active the messages on illegal activity range from drugs to money laundering to high level corruption and plans to kill people in more than a dozen countries John Jay college of criminal justice professor Adam Scott want says the chats provided police all the evidence they need it not only are they able to look at who the people are communicating with they're able to see what was said and basically have copies of all the information on your own servers some eight hundred people have been arrested in raids that netted tons of drugs fifty five luxury cars and close to one hundred fifty million dollars in cash and cryptocurrency I'm Jim acquire

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