The Importance Of Creating Space For Minorities In Tech and Marketing

MarTech Podcast


Calvin welcome to the mar tech podcast. Thanks for having pleasure to have you as a guest. I appreciate you reaching out and honestly appreciate you for multiple reasons. One the subject that you've brought up his one that i feel like a lot of people wanna talk about an honestly aren't really sure how to talk about. And it's how to create space for minorities and marketing. And so most everybody that reaches out to me to be a guest on the show whilst talk about dsp's or software or branding and you actually have a real world topic in the real world. Things that are happening today happens to be the one year anniversary of the unfortunate and tragic murder of george floyd so feel like today's the best day to talk about minorities and your experience as a black man in technology. Tell me about why isn't important for marketers specifically to think about creating space for minorities in tekken and marketing. It will thanks for the question that it is unfortunate. That today has to be day right. The one year anniversary of a person's death but sometimes these opportunities present themselves the have a conversation about these things even though it's not easy from a marketer's perspective. You have to understand that i've been doing this in tech since ninety six about twenty six years and it still surprise so i go. Wow guys in tech loses some form of new building. It's happening having been around that period of time and so when it comes to marketing and what things look like marketing kinda shapes the view the way that people see products way people see industries. I would say now if you think of the tech industry because so much worse outsource now you think india you think silicon valley those types of things but there is an enormous black population. I myself have a group of. I think it's eleven or twelve hundred people. now. I haven't checked lately but called blackman coating was just kinda codifies a group of individuals just to say. Hey we're here and they have all these amazing talents and there's no space right now for that to even exist because you have all of these kinds of disparate individuals who may work for companies. But there's no groups are. There's no organizations that support that so martyrs creating space for that to even make it a reality would be similar to anything else that you see didn't exist until you saw it on. Tv sorted ads. Things like that so it helps to shape the dynamics and it helps to bring more balanced to thanks. There's just different things at different cultures. Bring any industry

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