Who Killed Yvonne Layne?


April first. One thousand nine hundred nine twenty. Six year old of on lane was found with her throat. Slashed dead in her home in alliance. Ohio twenty six year old. Yvonne lane a beautiful vivacious woman rebound in a pool of her own blood. Her throat slashed. While her children's slap she was discovered by her mother who had arrived to take her six year old grandchild to kindergarten of was a mother to five kids. David thorne was the father of one of the children although he and a von. We're not together anymore. The murder of a mother of five in her own home stunt the small town of alliance ohio. David had recently been ordered to pay child support and in his confession. Joe said that he was hired by david thorne to kill von so we didn't have to pay the father of one of the children. The motive child support thorne was ordered to pay to the untrained listener. This seems like a pretty clear cut case someone confessing in a good motive but when you start digging and talking to people and going through documents the more complicated things get and it seems like everyone around. A yvonne had a motive to kill her. I i came across the case on the website injustice anywhere which has since become a staple for my research into lesser known conviction cases for my other podcast unjust unsolved. I covered an episode a week telling the stories of people who believed were wrongfully convicted. David was one of them. One of the incredible things to me about. David's case is that it actually unknown there had been other media coverage before the attack grabbed headlines as police hunt for a killer. Dwayne poelman who you just heard in. The previous clips is an investigative journalist. Who looked into the case for three years and at the center of his investigation. Very serious question. Did the system convict the wrong man. However that was over a decade ago. And there's been no movement since i said in david's episode of unjust unsolved that this case deserves its own long-form investigation nachos twenty minutes or forty minutes. So here we are.

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