Why Are You Delegating?


Every leadership course talks about delegation. And if it doesn't it comes up. How do i know this. Because i've taught hundreds of them and it doesn't matter whether it's on the agenda or not delegation is a topic that comes up and even though delegation keeps coming up in all of the training. We attend about leadership. Many people aren't doing it very well. Let me ask you a question. Why do you delegate for rebellion. We wanna ask the question. Why are you doing it. Let me tell you there's some good reasons and there's some not so good reasons and i'm hurt them all. Let me share some of both with you. Starting with some of the bad reasons. Right number one. I delegate to take things off my plate too many things on my plate. Not getting all done. Gotta get it off my plate. Give it somebody else delegate to somebody else i delegate because i'm too busy if you saw everything i had. I'm just so busy. Gotta get it off my plate. Busy that four letter word next.

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