Walmart and Gap Partner to Launch New 'Gap Home' Brand


Oh Gap and Wal Mart have announced a new partnership and we're going to start seeing Gap home products. So that's betting that's you know, Bath goods, bath accessories, home decor, things like that. That's gonna start showing up on walmart dot com on June 24th. Eventually these products will be in Wal Mart stores, the companies said in a joint statement. But for now, it's just gonna be On on walmart dot com. And, you know Walmart has really said this that they've been very aggressive about going after brands and having partnerships and things like that, and they felt like gap was a really good fit, You know, Gap we think of his being about clothing and things like that. But But moving into this moving into this home good space, especially with a very large partner with a lot of infrastructure, like Walmart will be really interesting to watch. Of course, you know, Gap company That's also been in a banana republic. Old Navy Athleta things like that so old Maybe an athletic have really kind of propped up the company in more recent times gap in Banana Republic stores have been struggling a lot more, so we'll see what this move does for gifts. Bottom line. I'm surprised you. You say that about gap I would have figured in

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