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To all the blaze radio podcast that you tweet out every morning as well. Of course obviously people want obviously mark that mike tweets. You don't have to tell me about my tweets All right joe biden nominated david chipman to the atf. Or i'm sorry was it the t. Today i'm proud to nominate david chipman surveys director of the af. T t. what david knows. T. well twenty five years. can't he vice president harrison. I believe again right person at this moment at this moment for this important this important t at the afc travel the old. As i love that it is the. Atf obviously alcohol tobacco and firearms. But don't try to tell the president that he can't compute he just can't make that work anyway. Here's david chapman now are chipman. Who's testifying before the senate because they've got to confirm the guy or not and My hope is not. You may help the same thing I believe we have talking being interviewed by. Do we have the wellness thing. Well you took for. Because i thought mike leader degree just with his opening remarks okay. I haven't seen mike lees. But i saw a cruises start with mike lee. That's fine. let's see. I'd like to start with you. Believe senator cornyn refer briefly to A statement that i found concerning statement you'd posted on read it back in two thousand nineteen when you said quote while at. Atf conducted studies involving people who failed background checks to determine. How many later committed crimes with a gun. Many this is a perfect opportunity to arrest people before committing crimes. Rather bonding what. I find your statement very troubling especially troubling for someone who's been nominated to serve as the atf to record positive perception. Arrest them before they commit the crime. Yeah that's a little bit troubling. That's called future crimes. Yeah that's movie minority report a really great movie but not a great justice scenario for the united states of america. Let's not do that okay. Let's not do that even if you got the three weirdos in a milk bath all the time and and they're making a little balls dropout of a system in gold down tube and then the the prints out the name of the person who's about to be killed and the person who's about to kill them. Let's not do that. It didn't work well On minority report. I don't think it would work well in real life Let's see what the response is here. Even setting aside for a minute the second amendment even before you get to the second one. This violates our most fundamental rules of due process talking about a desire to arrest people before committing crimes rather than after the fact that it's not our criminal justice system works right if that's how you view people that is concerning to me. This is compounded by other comments. You've made to me. Reflect a certain degree of disdain towards gun owners and in particular new gun owners on april third two thousand and twenty just over a year ago. You gave an interview with cheddar news and you were talking about increases in gun sales especially first time gun owners who had decided to purchase a gun for the first time during the pandemic The interview you openly mocked first time gun owners Saying that they were more like tiger king and then advising them at a a mockery to hide their gun quote behind the cans of tuna and beef jerky stored in a cabinet. And only bring that out. If the zombies start to appear post book for salvage. I watched the clip several times hoping that i was missing context hoping that there was something else there that would make this less troubling. It concerns me that that that you as the nominee to be the director of the atf. Would have such a flippant. And if i may say so condescending attitude toward first time gun owners in this country yes. Wow that's crazy that's just crazy. This guy can't be confirmed he can't that is That's outrageous for the head of the atf. To believe that about people and in the future crime stuff and it's not just that either Do we have the do. We have Ted cruz we do interviewing art. Check out what crews asked him about This is amazing. Mr chapman a minute ago. Senator whitehouse asked you if any of your views on guns are out of step with the majority of the american people They are they are fifteen is one of if not the most popular rifle in america. It's not a machine gun to rifle Your position is that you want to ban. Ar fifteen is that correct. Senator thank you for the question and issued. Thank you for our visit yesterday. And look dr pepper. It made me reminisce about my time in central texas but now to your question with respect to the fifty if i may just delay my answer well try to think of one Let me just thank you for our discussion yesterday about dr pepper. Very tasty beverage. Lot of people like it. I don't know if it was actually invented by a doctor whose name was pepper or if the doctor liked pepper. Or if he was even an actual physician was a really wonderful talk. We had reminded me of my time in central texas. I used to live in midland. And then i moved to odessa and they play some pretty good football there. You might remember a moving named of friday night lights and had to do with that particular area stall long. Well no actually forgotten the question. Let's talk about your time in central texas when you were a part of the waco siege and you lied that the helicopter you were shot but anyway whatever. Oh let's not talk about that. I mean nine. We were talking about central texas. They're good long while ago. The whole waco three being. uk be appreciative. Would you like dr pepper dot. Yes i would like a. Dr pepper reminds me of in middle texas texas. This guy is amazing. All right let's see what he had to say.

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