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Hi i'm jay. Addison and milestone six and you're listening to hawk talk where we talk hawks now. Normally this would be jan miles. Explain the and walked through the And time travel comics greatest superhero soap opera but once every four weeks we take a week off from our exhaustively researched and produced podcast. And just kind of talk about stuff. Hawks really mainly just hawks. We should note. going in. This episode is not edited. it is entirely off the cuff. It is entirely unplanned so if it is your first episode we do not recommend it as something that will get you a general sense of what we do. Yeah we're normally way better than this. I mean i guess it sort of depends on what you're looking for if you're looking for just a couple of guys rambling nerdy on the internet than well. A you have about thirty five thousand options and be a we gotcha with this episode. Well once every four weeks we got you otherwise. We're pretty careful. Yeah yeah otherwise. We met hunter using his incredible skills and magics. But speaking of magic's that's right. What are this week's hawks else. This week's hawks are goddamn wizards is what. They are j. Credit to you for for choosing wizards as a topic. I do both enjoy. 'em challenged by how as we keep doing hawk talk for way longer than we initially intended. Our topics are just getting more. And more like eric. I liked the week. We did vegetables that went surprisingly well. Yeah but anyway. This week we're talking about Could be still vegetable wizards. I don't know. I haven't seen veggietales but if it goes old testament then In the tora there are definitely some rabbis. Who were effectively wizards. So wouldn't they be clerics if we're going by d. and d. class. Maybe we should start by defining wizards for our purposes. Oh boy okay. So wizards man and listeners. We should emphasize that. This is not any kind of area of expertise of either of us. We should also say off the cuff or the top top thing thing now we say words that we are not going to be discussing harry potter. 'cause fuck jk rowling yeah. Yeah that that whole situation makes me sad but But lots of other wizards around in the world don't shit themselves at random. Oh god yeah. Yeah i mean even before rowling went all turf. There was the whole wizard shitting on the floor thing listeners. I would say look it up but honestly like don't it's not worth it. It's word of god. Cannon is what it is hobo. Well anyway that aside. Okay so wizards. Magic users spell casters often with staves and robes and sometimes beard but not necessarily by any means hats. You can't forget that hats are important not required but important. I mean okay. So let's be real. You and i are both among other things or at least especially used to be when we were younger. Fantasy nerds like sword and sorcery nerd. So i feel like. I can certainly speak for myself and say mike. Conception of wizards comes from all of that. Dnd slash tolkien related stuff. Mine comes from all of that but has been significantly if gently shifted by discworld. Okay yeah yeah ratchet. His take on wizards is great. Discworld knowledge is more limited than yours. I know yeah. I mean for me. There's a lot about wizardry. In in discworld that i really enjoy because of the details of it But the the biggest principle of of of wizardry in discworld is. I think one that that tends to work across the designer. Wizard see things as they are. Okay is unclouded or whatever to cut to the core of the matter. I mean is unclouded by reality. Not so much is unclouded by things like liquor and hubris. I feel like hubris is not a required component for wizardry. But certainly a recommended one so all the things we've discussed so far are things that could apply to sourcres. Tour could apply to any any number of magic users and for me i guess a fundamental aspect of wizardry is study. Yeah and i mean if you're going with dnd especially when resources created was that third edition sometime sources as we know them sounds about right. Yeah that was. The distinction like wizards prepare their spells. They have spell books. They're great big nerds and sorcerers. Just have like inherent magic whether it's because they have the blood of dragons or third chaos touched or or whatever dracula oh man. No a vampire wizards those are the premier. I believe as i recall yes. Correct enrolled of dark. yes so Yeah i agree. I feel like The whole with studying wizards are almost inherently academics or at least historians or at least very interested in in knowledge as a pursuit so I mean okay. Let's let's go back to the start of. I would say wizards most of us know them. I mean we we got to give it up for tolkien. Gandalf is sort of the type of. I would say most modern fantasy wizards but but gant his. No merlin. is the archetype a true. But i feel like in terms of mainstream depiction slyke gandalf just was so vividly realized i mean merlin somewhat but like a lot of those aesthetics as i recall come from the sort of the stone right. I'm not sure i'm not entirely. I'm familiar with the original texts. And i'm familiar with with with some some novel adaptations of arthur. Not so much with with the the screen. Ones i just. I just wanna see the character sheet from lamar. Dr tour. Yeah mallory was was was kind of a min. Max ser probably into vacco. Jeez but again. I'll play john prison. Oh that's right. It's a crime. We're not experts listeners. Were talking out of our wizard plazas but the thing with with lord of the rings so gandalf is not a human who studied a bunch. Gandalf is like a different species of creature. All the wizards are there. Like these long lived demi-god essentially select lizards Like lizards their lizard wizards. Isn't there a band like something gizzard lizard wizard. I don't remember. I don't i don't know there's wizard attack. Ben called the lounge lizards. And that's about as far as i can get on that. Sorry there's a band called white wizzard. And i really really liked them. But then i listened to their lyrics and they got a little iffy sometimes so i stopped listening to them but Anyway yeah so. I don't know i mean i don't think that makes gandalf less wizardy in that regard because he's still very much is an academic and historian he's all about knowing things and learning things and managing information and data and knowledge. He's got the beard. You've got the hat And then the hobbit movies you get some more wizards you get the seventh doctor with birgit on his head. That was that was weird. That was the thing it was a thing. i've only ever seen the of our friends cut of the hobbit movies where he took them in re cut them so that they follow the book. I've seen about a third of the hobbit movies in total but different pieces of each one. You know there is some very good dwarf stuff in those movies. There is a lot of good Good beard ary and beard ornamentation. And that was my favorite part. So i feel like that's that's an important tangent because we've we've mentioned beards a few times with regards to wizard. I think of beards is a fundamentally wizardly thing. But by the same token i would say male wizards are vastly vastly overrepresented in fantasy or at least are nominally so because it occurred to me as we were talking that maybe maybe wizards or like discworld with a huge beards. Maybe i should run a disclaimer. About how like you know gender and beard having nece don't necessarily lineup. But i think certainly in much fantasy literature they have well. They don't entirely in the real population but statistically the ability to grow a beard on that magnitude is more likely to anyway. I felt like you were gonna say to grow a beard on command which actually was a wizard thing from wizard's first rule by terry good kinds Is that a kazoo or andor. Was demonstrating the difference between additive and subtractive magic and he talks about how he couldn't make his beard disappear. He had to like cut it but he could make it grow by stroking his chin and they're more beard with every stroke.

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