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Up, Archie put Marty just believe it's hard cream since found Joe every pretty round Brown one goal down. Just down the road. You know, I'm a let you know what's up with the bro's clothes because he got the gold market go down services. Little brown heads everywhere around here. They call me with the big gun. Big time on the making shit. Even if we don't stop bother me rubbing spots. Don't stop to promulgate Wicked Willis. Don't stop! Get it, get it! Body boy, Mrs Pond in terror. Real 92 for you. You can get me Brad Traffic center. Tuesday morning. If you're headed south bound on the five and commerce a crash is black in the left lane, causing some delays at Atlantic Boulevard, so watch for brake lights. This report is sponsored by Molina Healthcare for the health coverage Unique close to home, Lena Molina Healthcare. Molina has 40 years of experience that covers preventative services. Prescription drugs return, be a newborn care and more Details. Baudolino Molina, calm Get the care. You need lean on Molina. I'm Lonnie Swing with traffic on real 92 3 Ella's new home for hip hop. Hey, we get it. You don't want to be hearing a progressive commercial right now. So let us tell you something You do want to hear No one is funnier than you people laugh. Just thinking about the things you've said people having a one of them right now. Co workers repeat your jokes

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