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As if coming in moments the latest on jordan love and how he's looked plus the reason someone here believes. Aaron rodgers will play for the packers this season. And it's because of a few eye-popping numbers we'll tell you all about it. Welcome to nfl live. You see right here we've got. Jeff darlington tim hasselbeck and ryan clark with you for the hour. So glad you're along for the ride with us. Today later the reason trae lance will start for the forty niners instead of jimmy g. but we've again with the packers and green bay in the thick of ota's without aaron rodgers. He was in hawaii for awhile and listen. It would've been extremely surprising if he had shown up. He's made it stands clear. Don't forget in. Rogers recent interview with kenny mayne. He made it obvious the front office. That has an upset. Here's not mcclure. Today he's really attacking it the right way. The focus is there The work ethic and just he's grinding away and trying to get a little bit better each and every day you know it all goes back to when you're a little kid in the backyard and plant pop warner just having fun to see him out there you know like throwing a ball and like looking back and like smiling like yeah did that but like also just like debt competitive just kind of drive and I definitely seen that a lot out of them. And so that's really exciting as a friend of him to see him. You know having fun being confident and just going out there. Everything's not perfect. But you know that's why we practice everybody talking about jordan love. Espn packers of puerto. Rob demovsky joining us now from. Ot's green bay. Rob where has jordan. Love shown the most improvement after spending last season. The number three quarterback who's just thrust into this number one spot with a ton of attention on him laura. It's not so much about his arm. That's what we all look at right. We see how the ball's coming out in it is coming out quicker. He seems to be a little bit more decisive coach. Matt lafleur told us today that it's really more about his feet and getting his footwork right. Because that's what he wants to see. As far as quarterbacks making their reads now at times today we saw love checking the ball down a lot and i wondered if that was a sign of being unsure but before said that when we saw him checking down to running backs time after time. It was really the idea of a quarterback going through his progression in understanding all the reads. And one thing that you heard. Aj dylan say they're aj dylan came in in the same draft class with jordan love. And he said it's great to see him having fun and doing what he was brought here to do now. The question of course laura is when he will actually do it for right now. Not as it's the jordan love show next week. If aaron rodgers shows up for mini camp which a lot of people around here don't think he will. It will continue to be the jordan. Love show until the roger situation is resolved and next week. Rub the story only intensifies which means we'll be seeing a lot more view if the packers don't budge on trading aaron rodgers by the way in the twenty twenty league. Mvp decided to sit out this season. He be forfeiting twenty two million dollars. Here's a look at how that money is spread out through his base salary. Roster bonus and workout bonus i get it twenty. Two million dollars may not be that much aaron rodgers but it's a lot to some of us head coach matt for also asked by rob demovsky about rodgers today. I've got nothing to update rob on that situation and You guys all know how we feel about it. You expect him to be here. It is mandatory. I don't know we'll see Come tuesday the duck and dodge. They're by the floor. You would expect nothing else are see. There is a situation here where the packers could just call aaron rodgers bluff and say all right man you sit out the season you forfeit twenty two million dollars. You think that's what they should do. They listen you got to get out here and called bluffs like matt damon and rounders. This is not the opportunity or the time where you can make the best deal. When you're looking at aaron rodgers. that time has passed. So i was like okay. You show me your hand. I know what you have now. Let's see how you're gonna play this. Aaron rodgers are you gonna miss out on twenty two million dollars. Are you gonna give money back to the green bay packers and also. Are you going to sit out a year after you just won the mvp. You're playing some of the best football of your life. This come from two championships. Having a team with an opportunity to win the whole thing you sit home for you forfeit an opportunity that people die for this to prove a point. You have a personal grudge against executives. You have something against a gm or you've on that allow that personal feeling those emotions to keep you off the field out of the locker room with your teammates and for continuing to build your legacy. That's where aaron rodgers is. And if i'm the green bay packers i make him show me. I know they're in wisconsin. But i'm going to be from missouri. It's going to be show me what you're gonna do aaron rodgers. 'cause i'm not budging until next year. If you prove to me you're willing to sit home. That last point are see is the is is really the crux of this and why i believe. He ends up playing this season as a green bay packer about what aaron rodgers has done. The last three seasons ska- he's ninety nine touchdown passes at eleven tips. I the look the numbers up a second tires type of production is insane and really what you're looking at is a guy who believes that the window to win the championship is wide. Open right now so this idea that he's gonna sit in. Just you know basically kind of prevent that from happening winning a championship from happening. I just don't think will happen. Twenty something million dollars is a lot of money to anybody. I don't care how much money you've made. I don't think that's the point here for erin. I think the point here for aaron and you mentioned it. it's personal. He feels like he's playing at a level that he should win a championship nearly every year. It's the culture supporting cast around him but has prevented that from happening. And i think basically what he's saying. We need to do differently because i am in charge. Not you think that's what's happening yet. Tim you know what's interesting about this dynamic with the packers that yes it feels personal but it also feels like people trying to harness power to impose their power. Whether it's aaron rodgers to say look at my position as a player in this organization but then on the other side ryan becomes the general manager who's recently hired just a few years ago and then mark murphy who serves in a role that is more interesting than any other real role of ceo in the nfl. The packers they're a publicly owned organization to have more than three hundred thousand. Shareholders and mcmurphy serves as essentially the voice of all that the head of all of that in thirty one organizations. Otherwise you've got owners who can be a little bit more. Let's say frivolous they can say you know what brian good cons. We want to keep aaron rodgers around your out. That's not going to happen with the green bay packers so as these sides are sort of kinda struggling for power here. I just don't see anything other than If the packers wanna leverage this thing trying to push it into the season with rogers otherwise it feels to me like this has to end in a trade. Yeah it's a really important clarification. That i'm not sure everyone realizes about the packers. It's also worth noting guys just said you know what i've had enough. I'm going to call it a career. He'd be forfeiting a total of seventy three million dollars the packers course maybe file a grievance over a signing bonus asking to pay back half of it since he would have only completed half of his contract seven three million dollars if he retires by the way everyone. We got ninety nine days to the start of the nfl season. We're that not nine days woohoo until the kickoff of the twenty twenty one season. So how about this. We got ninety nine problems. The blanket one. Obviously we cannot afford jay z. So we've got this knockoff. Music going on here so ryan. I something we should be excited about ninety nine from one. Hey listen debts have ninety nine problems with blindside protection is not one you have a logic very took drafted this year. You have mci becton drafted last year and quarterback critics are going to say that zach is money

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